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Cyber Monday 2017 Knife & Outdoor Gear Deals

Back again with a Cyber Monday post, and just as I’d hoped, Amazon’s deals are a lot better for knife aficionados – and hell even for outdoor gear junkies & survivalists – than Black Friday’s sales were.

Concentrating on Amazon & Blade HQ this time, because honestly they had the best deals we’ve seen today.

Going to give you the links for all the Amazon & Blade HQ sales first, in case you want to start looking yourself first;

Let’s jump into it!


Best Cyber Monday Knife & Gear Deals on Amazon

Deals for Knife Afficianados

Again, in case you’re not done looking, here’s the link to all Amazon’s knife related Cyber Monday deals.

Deals for Preppers & Survivalists

Still want to check for more? Here’s the link for Amazon’s camping & outdoor related Cyber Monday Deals.

buy-lifestraw-online-personal-water-filterLifeStraw Personal Water Filter – Amazon / REI

Best Cyber Monday Knife Deals on Blade HQ

While supplies last, Blade HQ is giving away a free Kershaw Shuffle on orders over $75. Killer deal, in my opinion, especially considering how much use I’ve personally gotten out of my Shuffle.

Shortcut to all of Blade HQ’s Cyber Monday Deals is right here.

Thomas picked out a few knives he thought were ultimately the best deal on Blade HQ’s Cyber Monday Sales list; here they are:

Short and sweet? Maybe, unless you really dig automatic knives, in which case, you’ve got quite a lot of browsing to do! Again, you can check through more of Blade HQ’s Cyber Monday Deals right here.

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Interested in seeing what we listed on Black Friday to see if there are any deals still up from then? Check out this page here.

drop-point-pocket-knife-frame-lock-edc-schrade-sch304-reviewSchrade SCH304 Drop Point EDC Knife – Amazon / Blade HQ

How Was Your Black Friday? Think Cyber Monday Deals Are Better?

Have you snagged anything this shopping holiday weekend already? Think the Black Friday deals were better or do you prefer what Cyber Monday had to offer this year? Leave a comment down below – especially if you have a recommendation we didn’t list up here; as I’m sure your recommendation will help someone else out!

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