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Chief Justice Roger B. Taney issued Ex parte Merryman

I’ll start with a bit of breaking EU election news, from England:

  • The newly-formed Brexit Party +31.2%
  • Labour: – 11.9%
  • Liberal Democrat +11.1%
  • Conservative: -12.5%
  • UKIP: -23.9% (Nearly all having apparently jumped to the Brexit Party)
  • Others (Greens, Etc.):  +10.4

That is an astounding result, for a party that didn’t even exist, two months ago!

I hope that the new national government that is formed following Teresa May’s imminent ouster gets the message from the voters: Quit fiddling around, and make a hard Brexit!

On this extended weekend, we honor Memorial Day, a day of solemn remembrance in the U.S. of the many who have given their all for our freedoms. We always thank those who are serving in our military and their families who have also made sacrifices, but today most of all we want to honor those who gave their lives. Consider: Just a Common Soldier

On May 27, 1861, Chief Justice Roger B. Taney of Maryland issued Ex parte Merryman, challenging the authority of President Abraham Lincoln and the U.S. military to suspend the writ of habeas corpus in Maryland.

And on May 27, 1813, former President Thomas Jefferson wrote former President John Adams about the loss of their mutual friend, Dr. Benjamin Rush. Reflecting upon the loss, Jefferson wrote, “We too must go; and that ere long. I believe we are under half a dozen at present; I mean the signers of the Declaration.”

Dr. Rush was instrumental in the reconciliation of Jefferson and Adams by initiating correspondence between the three of them. Both Jefferson and Adams continued to correspond until their deaths on July 4th, 1826– the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, which all three had signed in 1776.

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