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9 of the Most Annoying Bugs On The Planet

When the news hit the internet, you could almost hear the collective: “awwwwwww, how sweet.” An 80×80-mile swarm of ladybugs, so vast that it showed up on National Weather Service radar, was about to hit the coast of Southern California. Thing is, there are more than 450 kinds of ladybugs in North America, and some aren’t quite as cute as those in children’s stories. Take the Asian lady beetle, for example (speculation is that the SoCal swarm consisted of Asian beetles). Whereas Ladybugs are non-biting, aphid-eating beneficial insects, lady beetles are invasives that bite, are foul-smelling when smashed, and enter your hunting camp and homes by the hundreds every fall. And so it is with the following list of bad bugs. Unlike ticks and mosquitoes, the ones listed here aren’t likely to make you sick or kill you. They are, however, the ones that make our outdoor lives the most miserable.

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