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FMJ, GMX, CT means Combined Technology

When looking at centerfire rifle cartridges for hunting, I’ve often been puzzled by several that have acronym designations implying some particular capability. You’ll see this on cartridges/bullets designed for small varmints, those designed for large dangerous game and everything in between. An example is the Hornady GMX (which will

The Best Way To Set Up Outdoor Motion Lights

Motion Sensor Pattern and AlignmentFirst, you must understand that the sensor on motion lights work best when movement occurs across the field of view rather than towards it.It WILL work when moving towards the motion sensor however the movement will need to be closer in order to trigger

Non-importation resolutions, drafted by George Mason

On this day in 1769, George Washington launched a legislative salvo at Great Britain’s fiscal and judicial attempts to maintain its control over the American colonies. He brought a package of non-importation resolutions, drafted by George Mason (pictured), before the Virginia House of Burgesses. This initiated a chain of