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Preparedness Notes for Sunday – July 15, 2018

On July 15th, 1888, the Bandai Volcano erupted on the Japanese island of Honshu killing hundreds and burying many nearby villages in ash. While Honshu is in an area of frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, this eruption was surprising. The volcano had erupted only four times in the 1,000

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1. Heart Attack Signs You Should Know To Survive When You Are Alone Knowing heart attack signs is crucial, especially if an attack strikes you when you’re alone or unable to call 911. To increase your chance of survival, make sure you know some heart attack treatment and recognize warning

What did you do for your preparedness this week? (2018-7-14)

 This Saturday post is your weekly open-forum for: – Preparedness accomplishments this week– Off-topic conversation throughout the week       SUPPORT MODERN SURVIVAL BLOG If you like it here, to help assure that we stay on-the-air: 1. If you’re running an ad blocker, add to your whitelist. Revenue from our non-intrusive ads help bring

377 Survival Hacks And Skills

Survival hacks and skills are essential for anyone preparing for the worst. Prepper or no prepper, people from across the globe have always been prepping to survive. With whatever situation or circumstance they always have at least one or two survival hacks and skills up their sleeve. So what are the

Ways How To Keep Weeds Down In Your Garden

Gardening is fun. EXCEPT for those darn weeds that keep coming up! Weeding is easier to deal with in a raised garden bed (less bending over), especially if the raised bed is 2 feet tall or thereabouts! But what about a regular garden? Lots more bending!     Not only that, but the larger