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Stretch Wrap Self Adhering Bandage

I recommend that everyone have at least several rolls of these stretch wrap self adherent bandages as part of their overall First Aid preparedness supplies. Why? I’ll tell you why… The medical stretch wrap is excellent at holding gauze material in place against a wound, especially around an appendage. It

5 Easy Ways to Find Water Sources

Water– the number one necessity to our survival. We can go long periods with little to no nutrition but hydration is key for keeping our bodies and minds functioning properly. However, bacteria-ridden water is worse than no water at all. So here you are, in a desolate environment with

Dowsing | Dowser | Equipment Used

Guest article by ‘Antique Collector’ History of Dowsing Dowsing is as old as time according to the research that is still available on the internet.  The term “Dowsing”, or the old version ‘Water Witches”, creates misconceptions on what this skill was actually used for in the past and now the

9 Ways To Repel Rats For A Rodent-Free Home

Check out the post below to learn tips and tricks to repel rats and enjoy a happy and healthy home. RELATED: Plants That Repel Insects And Pests You Can Grow In this article: Rat Repellent Home Remedy Remedy #1: Mothballs Remedy #2: Ammonia Remedy #3: Peppermint Oil Remedy #4: Owl Feathers Remedy #5: Black Pepper Remedy #6: Bay

Outdoor Survival Hacks Using Everyday Items

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