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Top Mistakes When Using Primitive Traps


By Robert Blaze

Survivalists should take the time to learn how to construct primitive traps. Traps are much more efficient that hunting since they continue to operate while you aren’t there. Once you have learned how to construct them there are a few things that will keep you from catching as many critters as you should.

​​Poorly Made Traps
There is a reason why professional trappers use store bought equipment. Primitive equipment is inferior in almost every way except for price. With this in mind you will need to read a lot of books, watch a lot of videos and get out and practice making several different types of traps.
The trigger system is the key to most primitive traps. If you can master a couple different types you can adapt them to whatever type of set you need to make. (deadfall, snare etc.)
Not Setting Enough Traps
There are professional trappers out there making hundreds of sets and catching tens of animals. One or two deadfalls or snares won’t cut it. You might get lucky once or twice but to keep a continuous supply of meat coming in you will need one or two dozen sets, minimum. (50 or 100 would be better) It might take a few days to get that many out, but once they are in place you should only be having to reset a few a day.
Setting Traps where there are no Animals
You will need to learn to read the animal sign available. Tracks, trails, dense cover and dens can all be good places to set. Without clear sign always set in or next to dense cover for the best chance of catching something.
Setting where it is convenient for you might be nice for you but it will have little chance of catching your supper.
Primitive traps can feed you in the wilderness if you take the time to learn to construct a quality trap, set out enough of then in the right places.

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