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The 5D’s to Protect Your Home During a Crisis

By Dennis Diaz

When it comes to home protection there are several things that will be effective whether you’re protecting against intruders under normal day to day circumstances or against looters under a larger scale crisis.

However there are many aspects that would be much more ineffective in a larger scale crisis.
In a previous article we touched on some of the basics of home protection against intruders under normal conditions. 

However in this post we’ll focus more on recommendations for a larger scale crisis

The 5D’s – Ultimately a comprehensive family protection plan will include the following 5 components

How to make your home less of a target? This area occurs before you are aware that there’s a threat. The idea is to implement elements that will affect the potential intruders psyche and make them choose a different target.

There two main ways to do this

  1. Make yourself and your home seem to strong and protected that a potential intruder will choose to target someone else. The problem with this is that it takes a great deal con resources to appear this strong. And it’s just a matter of time before someone figures out that, if you’re protecting your home that hard, there must be something very valuable inside and chooses to attack. Its almost like putting up a “Preppers Live Here” sign.
  2. Pretend you are worse off than you actually are. This will cause potential intruders to not really want to target you because the risk might not be worth the loot. This is achieved by blending in and making your home the Grey home.
    A few ways to do this is
  • Dogs
  • Cameras – In a collapse power might be out, but the sight of a camera will always put doubt in an intruders mind (Can they see me?)
  • Fences and barriers
  • NRA or Armed Group stickers or signs – Make them think there is a chance they will get hurt by looting from your home
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How can I have advance warning of looting? Knowing someone is coming will give you the ultimate advantage over a possible intruder. Nothing is worse than being caught off guard and have no time to react
A few ways to achieve this is


How can I make my home harder to loot or buy me time? Once you’re aware of the threat this area is designed is to give you as much time as possible and also funnel the threat to apposition you are able to defend.

This is where the layers of security element actively engages with the potential threat. You want to have as much separation and as many layers between you and the intruder as possible

You want to start with the outer perimeter

  • Fences
  • Thorny bushes
  • Razor wire
  • Trenches
  • Lookouts and Snipers     
  • Alarms  
  • Barricades & Obstacles  
  • Old cars and other junk  
  • Natural barriers
  • Traps

Then you want to harden your home        

  • Reinforced your doors – One simple and cost effective way of making this harder is to reinforce the jams and door-frame with something like the EZ Armor Door security kit
  • Install brackets, slide in 2X4 board at doors, Charley Bar for sliding glass doors
  • Replace glass on windows with high strength plexiglas or add security films
  • Reinforce walls and entry points with sand bags. –a well configured sandbag barrier will give you ballistic protection in case

At the same time, if the delaying layers are being defeated you want to design your system so it funnels the threat if it continues to defeat your delaying layers.

What is “Funneling”? – It basically means, directing attackers into the positions that you want them to be in. This can be by implementing the use of, barriers such as fences, logs, rock walls, ditches, ponds, pools, heavy brush, etc., can all be used to keep people from hiding and force them to a location where you can defend. 


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What is my defense plan? If the intruders defeat all your delaying mechanism and you need to defend yourself, hopefully you would have vantage points over all potential possible entry points and have your primary defense weapon ready and available.  Also make sure you have as many movement/escape options as possible while limiting the movement options the intruder has.

When it comes to a physical confrontation, there are no guarantees. You need to give yourself the advantage by being better trained, having a better position, having a better plan and understanding that violence of action is both a physical and a mental action that requires both preparation and conditioning. The best advice here is train and make the most out of your training by visualizing every possible scenario and rehearsing a response.


When all else fails, how do I escape the threat? Even the best plans can go wrong. ALWAYS understand that protecting yourself and your family is more than protecting your home. It means that you need to understand when it’s time to leave. When the position is no longer attainable you need to move out with intent and with the same force you defend yourself.

Keeping escape routes and tools, like fire ladders, available and ready will give you a better chance of escaping if your position can no longer be defended.

Its critical to develop a comprehensive family protection plan, but the real key is to constantly rehears it, adapt and put it to the test.

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