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How to Protect Your Property from Fox Invasions

The fox is one of the most problematic predatory foragers for homesteaders, gardeners and preppers alike.  Their voracious appetite and taste for a variety of animals can decimate chicken and rabbit populations, and they also feast on a variety of rodents, small game and vegetables as well.  Foxes are also

How to Control Algae Growth in Small Ponds

  Anyone who uses a pond to raise fish, certain edible plants or as a source of emergency water will most-likely have to contend with an algae problem at one point or another.  Algae in and of itself isn’t dangerous.  Rather, it’s the excessive and uncontrolled-growth can starve water of

The Designated Marksman Carbine (DMC)

The concept for the Designated Marksman Carbine or DMC has been around for awhile now, but not in the pure DMC form. Instead it was either hopping up a 5.56mm to maximums, or dumbing down a larger cartridge so it could be shot effectively off-hand. To really capitalize on