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Camping is always meant to be an experience to remember for a good while in our lives. Every once in a while, people tend to go on camping trips to escape their busy lives and find solace in nature. Some are pro campers and some may be beginners. However, as “fun” as it may sound, the whole idea of having fun at campsites could be changed into something entirely different because of some basic mistakes. In this feature, we will look into a few of them, which are suggested to avoid if you want your camping experience to be a memorable one.

1.Are you doing enough research?

One of the most significant mistakes camper make more often is that they do not conduct enough research about the campsite and its ongoing conditions. It is a very important matter that all campers should take into account before going on a camping trip, no matter where and for how long, because failure in doing so will or may result in unfortunate or unexpected consequences and could ruin the whole trip.

For example, before settling on a campsite, you could make a few basic investigations through various sources. It could be the internet, dedicated websites, and native people of that place and so on. Knowing about the ongoing condition of the campsite is imperative, for example, the political state, social (if the place is camping friendly in the first place) and environmental state and of course, the weather condition, availability of resources and other facilities (if needed for an emergency) etc. 
These are a basic few knowledge that you must gather through your research before you leave for your camping trip.
2.Do Not Forget To Take The Essentials

The core part of camping is to be out in nature and have fun. There really is no need to take or carry extra baggage because it will only cause hindrance to your convenience and will literally turn out to be a baggage over your shoulder. However, taking the essentials are imperative. But what do we mean when we say essentials? It may vary from person to person as per their preferences, but here are a few things that you must carry.

For example, first aid kits, dry food or convenient food supply, wet wipes/napkins/toilet essentials, bug sprays (important), sleeping bag and beddings with necessary arrangements (you do not want to freeze to death at night, pack your bedding having kept that on mind), suitable clothes (according to weather and activities), torch lights and batteries, power bank, extra lights etc. the main idea is to take things that you will need for sure and to avoid things that will not be needed but add on extra weight to your backpack.

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For beddings or sleeping bags, make sure you are taking things with you that would help you sleep comfortably at night, because for a while you would have to spend nights like this, so it is important that you get a full, satisfactory sleep. In that case, you may take ear plugs, eyes mask if needed. And pillows, if you must, but note that you might have to carry them.
3.Camping Gears & Equipment

Needless to say, the first and foremost thing regarding camping is the tent or canopy. It is recommended that you rent instead of buying. Because sometimes, buying new camping gears costs a lot of money, which is really not convenient as half of the budget will be spent behind buying things rather than behind the trip itself. However, it is mandatory that you do not compromise with the quality of the tent, because it would not be much of a pleasant scenario if your tent goes up flying if the weather decides to turn its back on you.

So, renting or not, make sure your tent is well reputed or well recommended. The size of the tent is also important. Having said that, please do have a test run with your gears. See if they are functioning in the proper manner, and in this way, you will have a little practice as well on how to set up a tent appropriately. After that, you could take a camping stove or a small solar oven with you in case you wanted to have a quick bite or a cup of coffee, because always relying on a bonfire is not a wise option and is not always possible as well.

4.Clean Up!

When you are camping, it is very important that you make sure that the area is being cleaned. Any sort of garbage, or leftover food, barbeques and other food wastes or similar materials should not be near the camping site/area or near the tents. The obvious reason is there of course, that the place where you are staying, and eating should not be dirty, but it also has another reason. That is, it grabs the attention of many nocturnal visitors, due to the smell. Bears, and other animals could be wandering around near the camping area due to this reason, which obviously is not what any campers would be looking forward to.

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So, besides keeping the place clean, pleasant and hygiene, if you do not want any unfortunate events to occur on the premises, do clean up well.

5.The Early Bird Catches The Worm

There is nothing more inconvenient than arriving late on a campground. That is just very unfortunate. Not only will you not have your desired/preferred/comfortable space to set up your gears, as all of the nice available space will be filled, but also, by some stroke of luck, even if you get one tiny corner, it would be very hard for you to be at ease without any supportive environment. Camping is meant to have fun, you wouldn’t really be able to have fun if your whole arrangement is upside down.

Sometimes, due to higher demand, the campsites get very busy, especially when there is a festive season or concerts. Organizers will not be able to help you with much facilities in those cases. So you better be early and make necessary appointments.

Apart from these, there are always many small mistakes that you need to be aware of not making. Such as, never forget to cover the firewood. Needless to say, dangerous fire incidents might take place if the fire has not worn off properly. Checking the weather and taking extra safety measurements because the forecast isn’t always right. Taking enough lights and not relying on the campfire all the time. Taking sufficient water and medicines etc.

If these basic mistakes are avoided, it is very much expected that you are bound to enjoy yourselves without any inconveniences caused. 

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