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4 Camping Hacks to Use This Summer

  With another summer camping season kicking off, the internet is filling up with lists of camping hacks for all of the neophyte (as well as old time) campers heading out for the weekend. I have tried to glean some of the more practical tips along with sharing some that might

Make A DIY Compass In the Wild

Food, water, and shelter are important during a survival situation, but today I want to talk about how to make a DIY compass. Why? Because there are tons of emergency scenarios where having a compass to navigate with can help save your life. Just last month there was a hiker in Montana

Using Dead Fish as Survival Tools

When you hear the term “dead fish,” the next image that comes to mind is probably a trashcan. Maybe you think about food first, but it’s unlikely that anyone considers a smelly fish carcass to be a good survival tool. Well, my goal is to change all that. Believe me, I’d rather

Leather Belts Are Amazing Survival Tools

Leather belts are good for way more than just holding your pants up, and they’re a must-have in a survival situation. These awesome survival tools can make your life WAY easier in a surprising amount of ways. Better yet, leather belts not only look great and can be worn as part of your everyday attire, but