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Ways to conceal your boot knife

Here is an article which is dedicated to a concealed-carry solution that is growing in popularity: the boot knife. It is increasing in popularity because of how easy and convenient it is to carry boot knives, not putting much burden and risk to you. Also, boot knives are much

Best 7 Bear Sprays Review 2018

Survival is crucial in the wilderness, every encounter with nature like wild berries, snakes or even heavy thunderstorm decides what happens next. Same goes when you encounter a bear out in the forest. What’s the thing you do when you see a wild bear, you panic and freeze or run

Best 7 Kukri Machete Review 2018

If the world became a remake of The Walking Dead or you were stranded in an island, then you’re going to need to know this, one of the best survival tools out there. The kukri machete knife! Originated from the mountains of Nepal as a famous farming cutting tool, has

6 Most Expensive Blades in the World

An avid knife enthusiast knows that investing in a survival knife doesn’t imply going to the supermarket and picking up any cheap, modest knife. Knives are something that’s worth investing in and what adds glory to the owner. When you are out in the woods, having a strong, durable

Best AA Flashlights 2018 Review

In your daily applications, whether you’re working at home or in the garage, or maybe anywhere else, you’re may be thinking of needing a good and a reliable light to help you do the job right. Therefore, the primary reason you are even reading this AA flashlight review is

Best Emergency Radio Reviews 2018

Ever heard of emergency radios? They are independent electronic devices that is a must-have in your survival kit, which especially comes in handy if you are caught up in a disaster such as tornadoes and hurricanes. So what does it do? First things first, it provides you with weather and