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Prepare for bad weather power outages with reliable rechargeable batteries

When bad weather hits, the power grid may go down, leaving you with a dead phone, computer, lights etc.

A good re-chargeable battery can make all the difference., best knife store, best knives

by Leon Pantenburg

DISCLAIMER: MyCharge™ supplied the product for the original review in 2016. At the time of publication of this post, there is no advertising or sponsorship relationship between MyCharge and Survival Common Sense. This post is my opinion, and nobody had any input into the contents.

Last week, tornadoes hit the eastern and central Mississippi areas. In an instant, some 26,000 Mississippians were without power. A few days later, some homes still didn’t have power restored.

myCharge featured photo, mCharge Ultra

This MyCharge battery can recharge virtually anything.

I didn’t get excited upon hearing the impending bad weather reports. My house has a supply of food, water and camping gear already laid by, and we didn’t need to go to the store for anything.  A good supply of  AAA and AA batteries is available, but we’ve gotten away from using them exclusively. Any more, we rely on the rechargeables. We use the MyCharge batteries a lot.

My wife is a marketing strategist and travels frequently for work. She will take one of the MyCharges along, and she can work anywhere. The smaller one will completely recharge her laptop

I like them for hunting or outdoor activities. I can recharge my headlamp from the battery at the hunting camp. (I’ve used this Fenix headlamp extensively over the past years. It is my dog walking light, as well as being a regular in my daypack. During hunting season, it gets used daily, for hours at a stretch.) The MyCharge battery can be charged while driving in the vehicle. The battery also works great when I’m out with Big River Wild Adventures on the Mississippi River. The battery can be recharged with a small solar panel, and I never have to worry about running out of batteries.

This solar panel easily powered the Super Dragon electric fan.

This solar panel easily powered the Super Dragon electric fan, and can easily recharge a battery.

Environmentally, the rechargeables are the best. There are no old batteries to dispose of, and essentially, you are using sunlight to power your lights and electrical devices.

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I’m sold on the rechargeables, and think they are a sound investment for your preparedness gear.

Here are some rechargeable products I use and recommend.

Fenix Rechargeable head lamp. (Read the review)

MyCharge rechargeable battery (Review)

Make solar interior lights (Review)

Sunjack Lightstick (Review)


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