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Finding Water in the Desert |

Summer is here, and people like me are attracted to those empty spots on the map that indicate an arid desert region. Always take lots of water along, and never depend on being able to find it! But it’s a really good idea to know where to look for

Effective Ways to Carry Water

Being able to carry sufficient water is a survival must. Dehydration can cause you to collapse in the heat or in the cold, and it can kill you. Every survival kit should have some way to carry and purify water. Here is what you need. by Leon Pantenburg The rattle of musketry

4 Camping Hacks to Use This Summer

  With another summer camping season kicking off, the internet is filling up with lists of camping hacks for all of the neophyte (as well as old time) campers heading out for the weekend. I have tried to glean some of the more practical tips along with sharing some that might

Best raincoat? We review the TRU-SPEC H2O Proof Gen 2 ECWCS Parka |

Spend any time outdoors, and you’re bound to run into rain and cold weather. And your comfort and safety will depend on your clothing. Call it your first line of defense against hypothermia. This outercoat may prove to be a survival necessity. by Leon Pantenburg Disclaimer: Tru-Spec supplied the product for this

Making sense of the declination diagram

Topographic map users are familiar with the small declination diagram at the bottom of the map. Here is how to use it. by Blake Miller This diagram is located at the bottom center of the map. Let’s zoom in on it. The graphic and information presented relates directly to the declination of the

How to work with degrees true |

Sometimes a task or survival skill, when viewed in its entirety, seems to be overwhelming (Such as where do you start to learn land navigation?)  The best way tackle learning such a skill is to break things down into smaller “baby steps.” Land navigation expert Blake Miller explains how

A canoe trip on the Mississippi River |

Most people associate wilderness with far flung desert mesas or isolated mountain ranges. I love rambling in these hard to get to places. But an overlooked wilderness area in the midwest is the Mississippi River between Memphis, TN and Vicksburg, MS. This 200 mile stretch can provide all the wilderness