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Don’t panic | Simple survival tips for using a map and compass |

It’s really hard to think when there’s this awful, nauseating realization that you may be lost in the wilderness and you start to panic. Suppose you have a map and compass along, and a basic idea of how to use them. But maybe you didn’t think about using them…Now

Add cut resistant gloves to your hunting/fishing gear |

The best way to avoid cutting yourself is to practice safe knife handling techniques. The second best idea may be to wear a cut resistant glove. by Leon Pantenburg It was a bad ending to a near perfect day of deer hunting. Several deer had been harvested, and we’d spent much of

Try these everyday carry wardrobe survival tools |

 What survival tools can you include in your wardrobe to help you  get through an emergency or disaster? Here are some suggestions for tools that won’t take up a lot of space, and that you can carry everywhere. Here is one part of the gear I typically carry everywhere. Obviously, the

Five tips for finding dry sticks in wet weather

Most firemaking lessons stop with the initial ignition. But that first flame won’t last long if you don’t have dry sticks to feed the fire. Here’s how to find them. by Leon Pantenburg It was dawn, the temps had plunged to 19 degrees during the night and we were on a

How to pitch a tarp to survive in heavy winds |

How will you pitch a tarp so it can handle really nasty weather? Here’s what to do. by Robert Patterson In  June  of 2016 I went with a friend to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area for six days of camping, canoeing, and fishing.  After arriving at our second day’s campsite, and

What to carry in your big game hunting daypack

A hunter’s daypack houses a very personal collection of gear designed to keep you safe, dry and warm. It also must contain meat cutting tools and equipment. Here’s what I carry. by Leon Pantenburg The way I hunt big game requires a lot of walking, sitting and glassing.  Here is the