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L.T. Wright Large Northern Hunter |

It’s one thing to call a knife a hunter. It’s another if the knife actually works in the field as a hunting knife. In this case, the L.T. Wright Large Northern Hunter is accurately named. by Leon Pantenburg I was hunting in south Warren County, Mississippi, looking to harvest another doe

How to make delicious venison meatloaf in a Dutch oven

There is comfort food and there is survival food, and there is no reason some recipes can’t be the same in both categories! Try this meatloaf recipe – it’s delicious! by Leon Pantenburg For me, meatloaf  is a comfort food. I love sitting down to a meal of meatloaf, mashed potatoes

What to do when the power goes off and you’re stuck inside

So here’s the scenario – the power goes out and you’re sheltering inside the house. Outside, the temperature plummets, the wind picks up and it starts to snow. You don’t know when the power will be restored. It might be hours or days. How will you stay warm and safe?

What ignition system is best?

In elk hunting, it’s the hope of bagging one that sucks us hunters out in crappy weather into remote mountainous areas. The day was bitterly cold in Idaho’s Selway wilderness, the snow was knee deep and there were miles between us and the nearest road. What was the best method

Fire Creek Forge Wilderness Scout II may be your best all-purpose knife

A knife should be field tested in the field, under the conditions it was designed for. This Fire Creek Forge Wilderness Scout II came through with flying colors.   by Leon Pantenburg (Disclaimer: Fire Creek Forge supplied the knife for this review. At the time of publication there is no sponsorship relationship between

Recycle a plastic tobaggan into a mobile survival tool

A plastic kids’  toboggan has many uses in wilderness and survival situations. And they’re easy to find and cheap. Here’s why you might consider one as a piece of survival equipment. by Leon Pantenburg My daughter’s purple plastic toboggan was relegated to the storage shed as she outgrew that aspect of