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Don’t make these deadly wilderness mistakes

Every year, people get lost in the wilderness areas and are rescued. But some vanish and are never found. The statistics are frightening. Don’t become one. Learn from these common mistakes to keep from dying in the backcountry and possibly winning a Darwin award. by Leon Pantenburg The older couple at the Swampy

Top 5 wilderness survival skills you need for urban survival

So how valuable are the wilderness survival skills in an urban disaster environment? Very. Here are five you need to know. by Leon Pantenburg I had set up a bugout bag for my daughter anyway. She started college near Los Angeles in 2014, and I’ve always been paranoid about the potential

Polar Pure can solve water disinfectant needs

Pure drinking water is a necessity anywhere. This product is an efficient way to quickly disinfect questionable drinking sources.  by Leon Pantenburg Polar Pure is lightweight, compact and effective. The water in the northern Minnesota lakes looked pure enough to drink without any treatment whatsoever. But you never knew if a flock of

Learn how to make an urban/wilderness survival kit

 Planning ahead includes thinking about potential disasters situations. Learn how to make an urban/wilderness survival kit you can carry everywhere.   by Leon Pantenburg One aspect of  the preparedness philosophy is  “Common Sense.” After all, it is just common sense to plan for the future, regardless of what may happen. That’s why we

Make room in your wallet for survival gear |

I always carry survival gear on my person. But how do you add anything to an already overflowing wallet? Do you need to invest in a new one?  Before you buy anything, put your current wallet on a bulk reduction plan. by Leon Pantenburg My wallet was way too thick, and

Orient your map before heading out into the backcountry |

The best way to keep from getting lost in the wilderness, is to always know where you are. This starts with orienting your map before going anywhere. Here is how to do it. by Blake Miller “Orienting the map visually (or with the greater precision afforded by a compass) connects hikers to

Five reasons to own a .22 rifle |

A firearm using the diminutive .22 rimfire cartridge should be in every survival/preparedness gear collection. Here is why you should consider adding one to yours. by Leon Pantenburg The favorite cartridge of most .22 shooters is the .22 Long Rifle. The 40 grain bullet is very effective. I love a .22 rimfire rifle

Best survival knife? We take another look at the L.T. Wright Genesis |

Some knives you want to keep and use, no matter how many others you might have. The L.T. Wright Genesis is one of those. In a moment of weakness, I sold my first one, regretted it immediately, and just had to get another. Here is why. by Leon Pantenburg This review is

Crappie chowder, a tasty way to cook panfish with storage foods |

  A great comfort food on a cold night, or in camp after a successful day of fishing is chowder. If you can use some of the catch to make dinner that night, that is an added bonus. by Leon Pantenburg The idea for this recipe came after successful day fishing