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4 Tools to Cut and Chop Wood for Survival

​It is my assumption that you have been listening to the news. What do you make of the relationship between North Korea and the West? As a survivalist, am always attentive to such news and those of natural disasters both of which can happen without warning. When it happens, I want to be among the survivors.
As a survivor, one of the most important things is the ability to cut and chop wood. The wood is the primary source of fuel to keep you warm, cook our food and boil water. Not any tool can achieve this. You need tools that can help you cut and chop wood easily and conveniently for survival. Here are brief discussions of my favorite 4 tools to cut and chop wood for survival.

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1. Spitting Maul
A splitting maul is one of the most efficient tools to cut and chop wood for survival. A splitting maul is a heavy, long-handle axe with a triangular or wedge-shaped head for splitting wood along its grains. This tool is very good in chopping wood, especially that which is intended for making firewood outdoors. It is the best survival tool to choose if you want an easy way to chop firewood. You can choose the best splitting maul from different brands and models currently in the market.
2. An Axe
Another vital survival tool for cutting and chopping wood is an axe. This tool has been in use for hundreds of years and it still remains as relevant as it was then. An axe is the premium tool for shaping, cutting and splitting wood. This highly versatile tool can and has been used as a defensive or combat weapon. There are many forms of axes but the most common form consists of a head and a handle called a helve. You can choose from a variety of brands and models depending on your preferences.
3. Survival Knife
All survivors know the importance of carrying a knife along in their survival kit. It is one of the most valuable tools to cut and chop wood for survival. Having it alongside a splitting maul and an axe can guarantee you a steady supply of wood for fuel. Survival knives come in many different styles, designs, and sizes. Larger knives may not be as portable as the small models but they feature long blades (some times up to 8 inches) that are strong enough to chop small pieces of wood for lighting fires.
4. A saw
A saw is extremely important survival implements. It is perhaps the best-suited tool for cutting wood. These tools come in all designs, shapes, and sizes. A good choice would be a folding saw, which offers the convenience of portability and sturdiness for fairly heavy use. You can store them easily yet they still have the power to cut through logs quite large.
A good alternative would be a takedown bucksaw. This saw type has many advantages including the fact that you can make one from materials lying in your vicinity. You can fix it on your own. Furthermore, the saw is simple to use and stows away easily.
If you want to be a complete survivor, one that can weather the storm and live through the ordeal then you can trust these 4 tools to cut and chop wood for survival to help you through the entire period. I have been a survivor for quite long and these tools have proved invaluable at all times. You too will most likely love them.

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