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Should you include fishing gear in a pocket survival kit?

Check out commercial personal survival kits and you’ll notice many of them include hooks, sinkers and fishing line. I don’t include sport fishing gear in pocket survival kits, and don’t see much value in fishing equipment as an emergency survival tool. Here’s why. by Leon Pantenburg My friend, Phil Brummett, was

First impressions of the Bark River Mini Tundra

I’ve been singing the praises of the Ambush Tundra since it came out several years ago. The latest verse will include the most recent incarnation – the Mini Tundra.  by Leon Pantenburg  (DISCLAIMER: and DLT Trading are Survival Common Sense sponsors. I did not get a free knife to field test,

Canoe the Mississippi River-Wilderness Survival Training

I’m hosting a new eco-adventure with Quapaw Outfitters that’s part vacation, part wilderness survival training, and part everything you ever wanted in a grand adventure.  With Big River Wild Adventures, you’ll learn basic survival skills while canoeing some 300 miles on America’s largest river, on big water through big wilderness

Civil War Andersonville Diary provides modern survival guide

What does it take to survive? What are the rules of survival in an emergency situation or disaster? Most experts agree that the psychological aspect is more important than anything else. Here are some thoughts from a Civil War survival expert. by Leon Pantenburg When Dr. John Leach, published the groundbreaking

How to make squirrel and rabbit jambalaya

There are several dishes I like to make lots of, so I can freeze some for lunch. Jambalaya, chili, red beans and rice, lentil soup with brown rice and venison stew are some of my favorites, and jambalaya always makes a tasty, healthy lunch. by Leon Pantenburg I learned about jambalaya

Civil War survival lessons from a 92nd Illinois Infantryman

Basic survival skills don’t change. Here are some lessons from a Civil War infantryman on how to provide food, shelter and improvise lighting during hard campaigning. by Leon Pantenburg I ordered by inter-library loan a book named “Three Years with the 92nd Illinois: The Civil War Diary of John M. King.” My