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Prepare for Emergency Lighting Before the Storm Hits!

  If you live in the areas affected by the recent massive winter storm, let’s hope you are prepared for power outages. Here are some tips to keep you from sitting in the dark. by Leon Pantenburg This brings an important topic to the forefront : What happens when high winds, heavy

10 things to pack in your vehicle for emergency evacuations

Hurricanes in the Gulf and along the Atlantic coast of Florida proved that most people forced to evacuate were woefully unprepared. Here are some items to take if you ever have to evacuate your home. by Leon Pantenburg When Lisa Marie Gordon of Welaka, Florida, her husband, four children and three

Find and use these five emergency water storage containers

Depending on your activity and temperature, you can survive only 3 – 5 days max without water. But long before you die of dehydration you’ll feel the ill effects. by Leon Pantenburg Hurricanes Harvey and Irma will long be remembered as the most damaging natural disasters to hit the Gulf

Five tips to make a better feather stick for firemaking |

Suppose you need to start a fire, it’s been raining, and all the sticks are wet. Here’s how to find and make dry fire starting materials. by Leon Pantenburg It had rained hard all afternoon. I was in my tent, field testing a sleeping bag, when I was awakened by the

Five tips to prepare for western big game hunting |

Got tags for that first western big game hunting trip? Your preparation should start right now. by Leon Pantenburg I went on my first Idaho elk hunt in 1990. Since then, I have hunted for big game in several states. These annual hunts have ranged from excursions out of fully-equipped base

Pimp Your Bic For Survival Use video |

There is no single method or technique for survival fire starting that works 100 percent of the time. That said, I carry a mini Bic butane lighter in my pants pocket, my coat pocket and in my pack whenever I go out. Here is what you can do to

How to blend in and walk home after a disaster

You’re driving home from work, something “big” just happened and you’re completely stuck in gridlock on the highway. You heard the news – it’s really bad and folks are panicked. But, you’re prepared for this scenario. You abandon your car, grab your Get-Your-Ass-Home backpack out of your trunk and start walking. How do