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Check out this DIY survival gear. |

On a budget, but still trying to be prepared for emergencies? Here are some tips for making or improvising some quality survival/emergency/preparedness items. by Leon Pantenburg Preparedness/survival gear can be expensive – or not. Cotton balls infused with petroleum jelly, combined with a metal match, make an effective and reliable firestarting method! The bottom

Chocolate Sauerkraut Cake Made With Storage Foods |

With my German roots, and a name of Pantenburg, I consider sauerkraut a food group. Here is how to combine that traditional long term storage food, and some other staples into a delicious cake. by Leon Pantenburg Sauerkraut is one of the original storage food staples. For my ancestors in Germany,

Top 10 Common Prepper Fails

Being successful at prepping is a lot more difficult than most people think. In fact, the failure rate for fully prepared survivalists is pretty high on a deployment level. This is nothing to be ashamed about, because nobody ever said that life itself was going to be easy. Prepping

10 tips for taking better hunting photos

Photo of a WhiteTail Deer Lays in Grass with a Sunlight background taken by a hunter

That once in a lifetime photo of your trophy didn’t quite turn out like you planned? Here are some tips to help capture that elusive moment. by Leon Pantenburg I’ve made my living as a newsguy for most of my career, and much of the time was spent behind a camera.

Best whitetail knife? First impressions of the Bark River Bobcat |

Somebody did their research on the new Bark River Bobcat. I predict this is going to be a really, really popular hunting knife. by Leon Pantenburg Disclaimer: is a Survivalcommonsense sponsor. I didn’t get a free knife for this review, and was not paid to write it. KSF had no input

How to Protect Your Property from Fox Invasions

The fox is one of the most problematic predatory foragers for homesteaders, gardeners and preppers alike.  Their voracious appetite and taste for a variety of animals can decimate chicken and rabbit populations, and they also feast on a variety of rodents, small game and vegetables as well.  Foxes are also