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Try these easy hydration sources from the grocery store

So there is an opportunity to go on a quick, not planned hike. But you’re away from most of your wilderness gear, and need to carry water.  Before you go, stop at the grocery store and look for these drinks. by Leon Pantenburg Some tourists were stocking up at Newport Market for

Bark River Edwin Forrest Bowie knife shows classic utility, design

Bowie knives have been the rage on the American frontier, ever since the 1830s. Today’s Bowies are better than ever and the traditional, proven design, combined with old-time craftsmanship and modern materials creates a new classic. by Leon Pantenburg Disclaimer: and DLT Trading LLC are sponsors. I did not get

How to make frontloader washing machine laundry soap |

I’m not buying laundry soap again. This recipe is too easy and cheap, and it works too well to go back to buying commercial laundry soap products. by Leon Pantenburg About two weeks ago, I got back from a backpacking trip with the usual assortment of grimy, smelly, smoky clothes. These

Save big bucks with these laundry and dishwasher soap recipes |

My personal rebellion against high-priced laundry soap has spread to dishwashers. Check out this simple, easy recipe that will save you money! by Leon Pantenburg I thought I was the only one rebelling against the high cost of laundry soap until I posted a do-it-yourself frontloader laundry soap recipe. (Check out

How to season cast iron cooking implements on a barbecue grill |

A common question among new off grid and/or cast iron cooks is “How do I season cast iron?”  Here is the barbecue grill method I use, and it works really well! by Leon Pantenburg Cast iron cookware will last forever if you take care of it. But what happens if an

The STM Drifter daypack works in any wilderness/urban environment

I got the STM Drifter to carry my laptop and other assorted office stuff.  The Drifter was never intended to be taken off the pavement. Turns out the city slicker man purse is also a pretty good wilderness daypack. by Leon Pantenburg I was not paid to do this review, and there

Five hacks to modify a Zippo lighter for survival firemaking

I don’t smoke, but love Zippo lighters. Modify a Zippo lighter as an auxiliary survival fire making tool. by Leon Pantenburg Like many GIs, my dad came back from World War II with a heavy smoking habit. Thankfully, he quit when I was young, but I remember Dad’s worn Zippo. This Zippo

Tie down a tarp to make an emergency shelter secure, safe

Tarp shelters can make a rainy campout much more bearable. In some emergencies, a tarp might save your life. Here are a few tips for making your tarp shelter more secure. This simple A Frame tarp shelter is set up between two anchor points. by Leon Pantenburg I hiked the 225-mile John