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Eliminate laundry soap brighteners for deer hunting success

Is your camouflage design working? You may surprised – what you wash your camo clothing it may severely reduce its effectiveness. Here’s one way to solve that problem – check out the laundry soap recipe below. by Leon Pantenburg It’s about dusk along the edges of the timber when the deer

Marinade recipes | Make fish, wild game meat tender and flavorful |

A common complaint is that wild game meat tastes “gamey” or that fish tastes “fishy.” A good marinade can change  that. by Leon Pantenburg Great tasting game meat or fish starts as soon as the animal is killed or the fish is caught. Good-tasting fish or wild game meat starts with proper

10 reasons your venison tastes “gamey” (and what you can do about it)

Don’t like venison? It tastes gamey? Solve these problems and enjoy the feast. by Leon Pantenburg My kids were raised on wild fish and game meat. So imagine my surprise when my daughter Mary came home after her first semester at college and announced she was now a vegetarian. The reason for

Useful addition to emergency kit

Survival gear doesn’t need to be elaborate or expensive. Some of the best items are common, easily-found products you may already have. One of those items is a large metal cup. Here’s why you need one.  by Leon Pantenburg I slogged along in the ranks, Springfield slung over my shoulder, headed

Find pitchwood, a natural effective firestarter

 If you live in an area with pine trees, you probably have access to pitchwood, one of the most effective waterproof  firestarters ever. Here’s how to find it. by Leon Pantenburg Pitchwood is a resin-infused piece of pine that is waterproof and highly flammable. In the northwest pine forests where I hang

Diving for clams on Mississippi River

Clamming is one of those river occupations that has changed with the times. Once a thriving business, today clamming is a niche industry practiced by a few on the upper Mississippi. Prarie du Chein, Wisconsin The SCUBA divers looked like they should be out on the ocean, not in the

Choose the right sleeping bag

One piece of gear you don’t want to have to improvise is a sleeping bag. If you can’t sleep at night because you’re cold, the next day is guaranteed to be exhausting. by Leon Pantenburg I graduated, less than penniless, from Iowa State University in 1976, and decided to go backpacking

How to choose the best wool pants for winter camping and survival

One of the first winter camping clothing items you should get is a pair of wool pants. Here is how to pick the ones that will suit your needs best. by Leon Pantenburg After my first afternoon in the Confederate Army, I was ready to desert. Leading my list of complaints