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The Outdoor Answer Epic Water Filter system for wide mouth Nalgene bottles

Want to ensure a constant supply of clean drinking water, even on the move? This water filter system might be what you’ve been looking for. by Leon Pantenburg Disclaimer: I bought this Epic Water Filter® system. There is no sponsorship relationship between Epic Water Filters® and, and Epic Water Filters had

10 things to consider before buying a tent

Thinking about investing in a new tent for camping season? Here are some things to consider. by Leon Pantenburg Only a fool sleeps in a backpacking tent in July in Louisiana, I told myself, while listening to swarms of mosquitoes struggling to get past the netting. It was about 95 degrees,

How to improvise a tarp fastening when there are no grommets

  Suppose all you have to make a survival shelter from is a piece of visqueen or Tyvek. There are no grommets in the corners or sides – how will you secure the tarp? by Leon Pantenburg A simple way to create a tarp fastening only requires a rock, pine cone or

Best water shoe review: Merrell Capra

Here’s a solid shoe designed for the canoeist, kayaker or anyone who does a lot of water activities, and who might need to portage heavy gear over muddy trails. by Leon Pantenburg I was not paid to write this review, and at the time of publication Merrell has no sponsorship relationship

How to keep your tarp corner grommets from tearing out

If you’re a tarp camper, you’ve probably had a situation where the wind blew hard enough to rip out the grommet at the corner.  Here’s a rope trick to stop that from happening. by Leon Pantenburg The wind comes up unexpectedly, and for a moment the tarp shelter turns into a

Make a Personal Earthquake Survival Kit

Earthquakes are happening this week, and  one could occur while you’re at work.  Here’s how to use a personal earthquake survival kit to escape a collapsing building. by Leon Pantenburg An earthquake, tsunami or other natural disaster is unlikely to happen? And, of course, not to you? You don’t need to

Nalgene water bottles can help reduce plastic trash and pollution

It seems Nalgene® water bottles have been around forever.But actually, it’s only been 70 years. Here is why they have lasted so long, and why I have so many.I only use gear that works, and my family is also heavy into using less plastic. (My daughter carries her own

How to make bone broth for healthy – and delicious

Ever wonder what secret ingredient was in your grandmother’s chicken soup that made it so tasty? And why did that soup seem to cure coughs, runny noses, sniffles and cold-related maladies? Well, the broth may have had something to do with that. by Leon Pantenburg The best way to show respect

MS River sets new flood longevity record

It’s no secret that the Mississippi and many other rivers have been flooding this year. But the Mississippi has set a new record for flood longevity, eclipsing even the epoch, benchmark flood of 1927. Things are not looking good along the big river. by Leon Pantenburg I thought I had seen the