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Video Review: Magpul Dynamic Handgun

This is a review of the Magpul Dynamics video “The Art of Dynamic Handgun“. To sum it up quickly this video is the bomb!

This is a 4 DVD set with the first 2 discs being the main course. The 3rd is a basic concealed carry course and the 4th is a disc on various drills (I’ll list these below). Mixed in among all the training is detailed talk about equipment. Guns, Ammo, Suppressors, Holsters, Belts, Lights, Lasers, etc… along with the outtakes. These are flat hilarious. Unlike just about every other firearms training video from other people I’ve watched this one is professionally done. Most videos are shity quality but this one is not.

The main course includes 8 different students. These students are all men except for 1 woman. Between the men you have 2 cops, 2 marines and 2 people in the firearms industry. The woman is a college student pretty fresh to firearms.

At the end of the 2nd disc they run each student through realistic scenarios. All do well except for Willie, the girl. She had an even more realistic scenario thrown at her in that one of the targets was a friendly. Needless to say she shot the friendly and ricocheted off a car roof. Like they say, the range is the place to screw up.

It is a little disconcerting that there are not more average Joe shooters but this can work to our advantage as preppers. Let me explain. You see, if the Schummer really hits the fan hard not only will you be defending against untrained shooters but trained shooters alike. Some of these may be wearing armor. Plate armor is available to civilians now, not just police and military. So if you see what appears to be armor or the shots aren’t having the desired effect a head shot is needed. Unfortunately they didn’t cover head shots but you do get to see how the professionals operate which can be a huge advantage.

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Disc 3 is the basic concealed carry course. And when I say basic, I mean basic. It’s OK for someone new to concealed carry but if you’ve been carrying for years there will not be much new. What I did like about it is they incorporate potential injuries into the training so you’ll be drawing and shooting with your reaction side hand only. If you’ve never done this, check it out.

Disc 4 is the drills. This is done with 2 full speed presentations, 1 30% speed and 1 50% speed, all with various camera angles. This disc can get monotonous and the drills are almost always repeated at least twice, not only to drive in the visual familiarity but, I’m sure, to fill up the disc also.

So as to not make you go through the tedious process of writing down all the drills I have taken the liberty of doing so for you. Here they are:

  • Kneeling from holster
  • Prone w/slight cant
  • Straight prone
  • Urban prone (weapon & reaction side)
  • Supine static
  • Supine falling
  • Failure to battery (2&1 handed)
  • Failure to feed (2&1 handed-like ball and dummy)
  • Stovepipe (2&1 handed)
  • Double feed (2&1 handed)
  • Administrative reload
  • Standard draw
  • Drop leg holster draw hands at side
  • Drop leg holster draw interview stance
  • Drop leg holster draw surrender stance
  • Drop leg holster draw reaction hand holster spin
  • Drop leg holster draw reaction hand leg pinch
  • Weapon hand only draw
  • Weapon hand only Drop leg holster
  • Reaction hand draw leg pinch
  • Reaction hand draw holster spin
  • Tactical reload
  • Speed reload
  • Speed reload Weapon hand leg pinch
  • Speed reload Weapon hand holster reload
  • Speed reload Reaction hand holster reload
  • Speed reload Reaction hand leg pinch
  • Barricade standing weapon side
  • Barricade standing reaction side
  • Barricade kneeling weapon side
  • Jacket draw
  • Jacket draw Speed reload
  • Long shirt draw both hands
  • Long shirt draw weapon hand only
  • Long shirt draw reaction hand only
  • T-shirt draw both hands
  • T-shirt draw weapon hand only
  • T-shirt draw reaction hand only
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That should be enough to keep you busy!

Things I wish they would have worked on:

Head shots. They avoid this like the plague. They focus ONLY on center of mass. Now, granted with head shots you have a greater risk of flyers but you have a much higher kill ratio.

More scenarios. Hey, we learn better when we have different scenarios thrown at us. They could have put more and random scenarios on the drill disc instead of repeating the drills.

More average Joe shooters. As much as I liked watching Willie shoot (especially in the scenario dressed in a micro mini skirt) there should be more average people in the video that don’t have years and years of experience. We need a good mix of people. Many will say Costa’s dad is average but I beg to differ. It is however nice that they threw in an older person with a wheel gun.

Overall, even with my wish list for the series I still give it a 5 star rating. This video is a MUST WATCH for any prepper, gun enthusiast or casual concealed carry citizen.

Practice, Practice, Practice, otherwise carrying that gun may get you killed instead of saving your life. Remember, nothing, including this series is a substitute for genuine hands on training.

The video can be purchased off Magpul’s website or off of Amazon.

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