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Top Ten Uses for Paracord (550 Cord)

Paracord, also known as parachute cord and 550 cord, is an extremely useful survival tool. Paracord is essentially nylon rope that has been intertwined to make it stronger. Standard 550 cord contains seven strands of nylon cord within nylon cord within it, and has a minimum breaking strenth of 550 pounds.

Today, I want to share with you my top ten favorite uses for paracord.

#10 Survival Bracelets

Wrapping paracord into a bracelet is lightweight and easy to carry on your wrist. Then you always have some in case of an emergency.

#9 Keychains and Lanyards

Paracord makes a cool lanyard or a knife fob. It can be tied into a monkey fist, or into a boondoggle easily.

#8 Shoelaces and Belts

You can use paracord to substitute for a belt in an emergency, or you could wrap it into a cool belt for everyday use. If you replace your shoelaces with paracord, then you will always have some on hand.

#7 Emergency Rappel Rope

Because paracord is strength tested to 550 pounds it is strong enough to hold a person’s weight. This would not necessarily be a comfortable way to rappel, but would work in an emergency.

#6 Knife and Tool Repair

Lets say the grip on your knife wears down. Paracord can be an excellent substitute to a slippery surface that has no grip. Some knives come with ready made paracord handles.

#5 Clothesline

You are stuck in the outdoors and don’t have a way to dry your wet clothes? Paracord is a great option.  Just tie a line between two trees!

#4 Repairing Bags and Gear

Hole in your backpack or bag? Paracord can fix that too. You can split the strands inside down to use as thread to repair bags, and clothes.

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#3 Animal Snares

Usually for an animal snare, you need a strong rope. Paracord is a great option.

#2 Fishing Line

Just separate the strands within the cord, and add a hook.

#1 Building A Shelter

The ultimate survival tool, for the ultimate survival need. Will hold up canvas, or pretty much any other material you would want to use to make a shelter.

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