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25 Best Cool Camping Gear For Your Next Adventure

25 Best Cool Camping Gear For Your Next Adventure

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The Ultimate List Of Cool Camping Gear

Cool Camping Gear

Once you’ve got all your camping essentials taken care of, it’s time to start adding some cool camping gear.

Cool camping gear that will make your next camping experience bit more convenient, comfortable, and fun.

Sometimes cool camping gear is new gadgets that were not around a few years ago. While other times its camping gear that’s stood the test and remains worthy of your attention to this day.

This article is Skilled Survival’s cool camping gear list – all those cool items you should take on your next camping adventure.

Here’s a sneak peek at the gear we’re about to cover:

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Solo Camping / Bonfire Stove

From compact backpacking stoves to camping stoves to large portable fire pit, Solo Stove has it all.

Solo Stove’s been making high-quality stainless steel campfire tools for years.

They’ve earned a reputation for smart engineering behind their fuel-efficient designs. The high-temperature combustion means you use less wood, get more heat, and don’t have as much smoke.

Just think about the last campfire you had with smoke blowing in your face. Being forced to move your chair around every 5 minutes.

But with the Solo Stove Bonfire, that’s a thing of the past.

Plus, they’re specifically designed to place your large skillets over for cooking.

RTIC Coolers

RTIC prides itself on offering high-quality coolers at a fantastic price.

A RTIC cooler can pack out an entire elk – and 3” of insulation can keep ice on your beverages for a week!

They’re built using the same roto-molding process as whitewater kayaks. And they’re designed to resist bears break-ins!

RTIC coolers can even be pad-locked closed to keep everything ELSE out as well.

Survival Frog Solar Power Bank

Survival Frogs PowerBank Solar Charger

Without power, a lot of our favorite survival tools will stop to function. Radios, GPS, flashlights – you NEED a backup plan to keep them charged and working.

A good solar charger can provide you with a steady stream of power. And a battery pack can allow you to store that power for when you need it most.

The only thing better would be to combine the two – and that’s what the Solar Power Bank does!

No more connecting the charger to a battery, just put it out in the sun until it’s charged and then use it when you need power!

Crazy Creek Chairs

Camping is all about relaxing in the great outdoors. And relaxing means being comfortable.

How can you be comfortable in your tent or your campsite if you don’t have a seat?

Instead, look no further than Crazy Creek Chairs.

I saw my first Crazy Creek Chair over 20 years ago. But the company keeps putting out new refinements and updates, and they’re better than ever.

The Crazy Creek Chair is excellent for hanging out at your campsite. Or on the beach, but it really shines as a canoe seat, where it makes long days paddling much more comfortable.

With enough padding and an adjustable back, you can fine tune a Crazy Creek Chair for any situation.

Survival Frog Fire Laces

When it comes to survival tools, it’s always a good plan to have a few backup items in your everyday carry kit.

But if you can do so by replacing something you already carry AND serves dual purposes, all the better.

The Survival Frog Fire Laces combine a paracord-style shoelace with “ferrocerium” tips. Just strike these tips against any sharp steel edge and produce a shower of white-hot sparks.

With no moving parts, fuel, batteries, and waterproof, this a no-brainer bootlace replacement!

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Aqua-tainer / Water Brick

When it comes to bulk water storage, there’s a reason The Aqua-trainer ends up in so many campsites.

They’re inexpensive (under $20/ea), lightweight (about 1lb), and high-capacity (7gal).

Plus, they have a reversible tap that stows away for protection during transport. And a wide opening for quick filling and easy cleaning.

Another great option for campsite water storage is the Water Brick.

Water Bricks StackedAnd while the Water Brick weighs slightly more and the capacity per brick is not as large; they’re stackable!

So for storing water in your home for emergencies, several Water Bricks in your basement is the way to go.

Then for camping trips, grab a few from your basement using the built-in handle.

Survival Frog Neck Knife

Survival Neck KnifeI couldn’t possibly list all the uses of a knife around the campground. It’s one of those tools you’ll use every single day for a variety of tasks.

But not all knives are created equal.

I prefer the durability of a full-tang fixed blade knife over a pocket knife. But these knives can be a pain to carry. That’s why you should consider wearing a neck knife.

The Survival Frog Neck Knife puts a compact, full-tang survival knife on a chain around your neck. This access allows you have a useful sharp blade at hand whenever you need it.

Survival Frog’s Neck Knife Sheath also contains a signal mirror, compass, blade sharpener, and fire striker.

It’s a whole pile of survival tools in a tiny package you can carry at all times.

Garmin Fenix 5 Sapphire GPS Watch

Garmin has been around for decades, making mapping software and equipment. But their new Fenix 5 GPS watch is a top of the line survival watch.

The built-in barometric altimeter tracks your elevation and predicts changes in the weather.

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The connected features tie into your other electronic devices (i.e., your smartphone). And the large full-color display makes it easy to track your progress at a glance.

All this tech is packed into a stainless steel and sapphire glass case that’s water resistant to 100m. So you know it’ll be functioning under the worst of conditions!

AIDIER Reflective Nylon Guyline Cord

In the middle of the night, it’s hard to find your way around camp without waking everyone up. Especially on one of those midnight bathroom trips.

They can be a real disaster!

That’s why you should swap out your tent guylines with reflective ones from AIDIER.

They’ve got reflective strands in the sheath, making them pop out in the beam of even the weakest flashlight.

The 2.5mm diameter cord is strong enough for tents, clotheslines, and repairs around camp.

Pro-tip: a small loop of reflective cord on zipper pulls makes them easy to find as well.

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Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock

Relaxing in a hammock in camp is one of the great pleasures of the wilderness!

Sleeping in one can give you a great alternative to damp or rocky ground.

But that depends on getting a comfortable, lightweight hammock.

The ENO DoubleNest packs down to the size of a softball and weighs a little over a pound, but holds up to 400lbs!

The optional bug screen and rain fly make a full hammock camping setup simple and easy to set up in a hurry.

 Survival Frog Tesla Lighter

tesla lighter-double coil

Over the years, I’ve tried a lot of windproof lighters and found them all to be more “wind-resistant” than anything. The Tesla Lighter is a different breed – a flame-free, smoke-free, fuel-less lighter.

Try as hard as you want; you can’t blow out the twin plasma arcs. Instead, they produce easy fire starts to all types of natural kindling.

The compact Tesla Lighter is an excellent addition to your everyday carry tools. And a single charge (via USB) is enough to start hundreds of campfires!

Western Mountaineering Down Bootie

At the end of a long day on the trail, what’s the first thing you want to do? For me, it’s to get out of my damp boots and into something dry and warm.

This often means lightweight sandals. But sandals don’t offer any protection from the environment or the frigid cold.

Instead, reach for these insulated down booties from Western Mountaineering.

These will keep your feet warm and dry while you do chores around camp.

They have durable rubberized nylon soles that are slip-resistant. Plus, the thermal foam insole and the thick layer of 800-fill down insulation will keep your toes warm.

Your feet will thank you!

Survival Frog Pocket Jumper

Pocket Jumper

There are few feelings worse than having a dead battery in the remote wilderness. You’re now stranded miles from home.

In the past, you’d hope and pray for a generous stranger to give you a jump with jumper cables.

But those days are over; now you can rely on yourself with a Survival Frog Pocket Jumper!

In a package about the size of a small paperback book, you’ll find a battery pack and a set of compact alligator clips.

Don’t let the compact size fool you; it’s got enough juice to jump start even a large pickup truck.

Plus, The Pocket Jumper also has a useful flashlight, a signaling mode, and can power small USB devices!

Gear Aid Tenacious Tape

When you depend on your gear day in and day out, it’s going to see some wear and tear.

Eventually, you’ll have to throw a few stitches in to mend a hole. But this leaves an ugly repair which likely won’t keep the elements out.

Tenacious Tape is a far better alternative to your Frankenstein stitches. It will seal rips and tears in all kinds of fabrics fast and without resorting to needle and thread.

The patches are water resistant, durable, and you can carry enough for several repairs in a tiny kit.

JetBoil Flash Cooking System

When you’re moving fast and light, you don’t always have space (or weight) in your pack for a lot of cooking options.

The JetBoil Flash is a compact, self-contained cooking system. It includes a compact, electric starter and insulated heat exchanging cooking cup.

The JetBoil System runs on easy-to-find iso-butane fuel canisters and will boil a liter of water in under 2 minutes!

At just over a pound and the size of a water bottle, you can fit the entire JetBoil system into the smallest corner of your pack.

Survival Frog Emergency Solar Air Lantern

A few years ago, I bought a Survival Frog Emergency Air Lantern for a camping trip to a mountain lake.

It was high summer, and fire conditions meant a complete ban on campfires. So we wanted some light in camp after sunset.

Well after dark, a lost kayaker paddled up to our site, with a couple of solar lanterns sitting in the empty fire ring. She had seen our “campfire” from across the lake and couldn’t find any other way back to her friends.

This little inflatable light not only lets allowed us prep and clean up after dinner in the dark. But served as a beacon for someone in real need of help!

It’s now a standard part of my camping essentials, and we always leave one lit on the beach in camp.

Sportsman Industries Pocket Chainsaw

Last winter, I was heading home from a ski trip and came across a couple of small downed trees in the road.

They were too high to drive over even in my Jeep, and I couldn’t pull them out of the way.

Eventually, I cleared them with the axe in my survival gear. But it took a long time (even with a sharp survival axe) and left me wishing I had a compact saw in the kit.

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I ran across this pocket chainsaw a few weeks later and put it to good use. It’s a better option than an axe for awkward angles and doesn’t need fuel or batteries to run.

It packs down into a small nylon bag and takes almost no space in my glovebox. It was an inexpensive addition that has saved me at least one cold night out since!

Lodge Dutch Oven

Campground meals become much more appealing when you move beyond just freeze-dried foods.

One of the most versatile camp kitchen tools is a cast iron dutch oven and a tripod over the campfire.

Everything from soup and stew to freshly baked bread comes out delicious! Pick an 8 to 10qt dutch oven to cook for a crowd.

If you take care of the cast iron, you’ll be able to hand it down to your grandkids!

Klymit Static V2 Sleeping Pad

The Klymit Sleeping Pad is one of the most popular camping pads on the market right now, and for a good reason. It provides nearly 2.5” of comfort at about 1lb – and packs down to only 3” x 8”.

The chamber design limits air movement. And it also reduces “dead” spots for side sleepers – where your shoulder or hip hits the ground.

The design also includes “side rails,” larger champers meant to keep you from sliding off the pad at night. And at only 10-15 breaths, the Static V2 also inflates fast, so you’re not wasting time (or breath) setting up camp!

For colder climates, the insulated ones have 3X the R-value. Making sure you stay toasty and comfortable even on frostiest of nights!

Survival Frog Pocket Light

Solar Pocket Light

Multi-use items are the backbone of any good survival kit – and that goes double for electronics.

This compact pocket lantern can serve as a flashlight for close up work and a lantern for an entire campsite.

The Pocket Light charges from either solar or any USB power outlet – and can be used as a power bank to charge small devices.

For a lightweight package about the size of a hockey puck, that’s a lot of functionality in a small space!

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Dr. Bronners Soap

Dr. Bronners Liquid Soap

Soap? Seriously? Soaps not “cool camping gear”, right? This soap is!

I’ve heard more than one person refer to Dr. Bronner’s as “the soap with the crazy labels.”

While it’s true, there’s some interesting philosophy on the labels. Dr. Bronner’s soap is made with all natural ingredients and is safe to use around water sources.

It forms a great lather, cuts through kitchen grease as easily as it cleans hair. It also doesn’t irritate sensitive skin and rinses clean.

Before you buy an expensive “camp soap,” look for either liquid or bar soap from Dr. Bronners for your campsite.

Frontiersman Bear Spray

Ever hear the joke:

“Backpackers wear bells and carry pepper spray to ward off bears. Black bear scat is full of seeds, but grizzly bear scat is full of bells and smells like pepper.”

All joking aside, pepper spray has proven to be a reliable bear deterrent.

But not just any cheap, off-the-shelf brand will do.

You need the highest strength formula you can find and a spray canister with a long distance range. That way you can ward off an approaching animal from further away.

Of course, if it works for grizzlies, Sabre Frontiersman Bear Spray will work on human threats as well!

Survival Frog Quick Heat Handwarmer

Electric Hand Warmer

What’s one item that’s often buried deep down in the bottom of most survival caches? A set of disposable hand and foot warmers.

At about $1 each, they’re easy to pick up, but they’re not all that reliable.

If you’re lucky, their airtight wrappers are still sealed, and they haven’t gone bad. But you’ve got no way to know without trying them.

The team at Survival Frog got tired of the uncertainty and developed a reusable hand warmer. One that provides heat and can be quickly recharged anywhere you have power.

Better yet, with three heat settings and quick warm-up time, it’s easy to pick the level you need. No disposable hand warmer can do that!

Coleman Classic Propane Stove

The Coleman “suitcase” stove has been around for decades and has proved it’s worth. Chances are your parents cooked dinner over one before you were even born.

They’re nearly indestructible due to their simple construction.

Their standard green propane cans are easy to find. And adapters allow the use of bulk BBQ propane canisters for long-term use.

The new models put out more heat than ever before (up to 22,000 BTUs!). And the fine tune control allows you to cook without burning your food.

If you’ve got the space in your vehicle or at a cabin, you can’t beat a Coleman Classic propane stove.

Cool Camping Gear Wrap Up

This was a rundown of some of our favorite cool camping gear – but we’d love to hear from you! What other new cool camping gear and gadgets are on your list?

Leave us a comment and we may just add it to this list!

Jason K.

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