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7 Best Hand Crank Radios On The Market Today

 Everyone should own a hand crank radio.I truly believe that.Why? Because we all have an obligation to prepare for future emergencies.Regardless of whether you think a widespread global catastrophe is in the cards or not…Local weather emergencies happen all the time – that’s a fact.And the hand crank radio is

7 Best Tactical Pants On The Market Today

 We’ve all seen those new survival reality shows…The ones where someone is dropped off naked in the jungle. Forced to make everything from scratch, including their clothes.No thanks; I’d rather start with a good pair of tactical pants!No matter what your day brings, from the job site to the

The Best Faraday Bags To Stop Digital Hackers Cold

 In the modern world, electronics are everywhere.And these electronic devices all want your personal information.Information that’s both valuable and vulnerable.Without proper privacy protection, your electronic devices (i.e., phone, computer) may get hacked.It’s not difficult for computer nerds to do.And it’s a non-violent, easy way for criminals to watch, listen,