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Emergency Food Storage & Survival Gear


The words that no parent should ever have to hear… are from a crying child saying, “I’m Hungry Mommy…please let me eat”… or… “Why don’t we have food Daddy?” A combination of DIY (Do It Yourself) and freeze dried emergency foods are best. Making up food grade buckets with mylar bags ironed airtight with oxygen absorbents will last 25 years. 

Millions of people are awakening to the fact that natural disasters, the dollar collapse and wars are threatening to come into their hometowns…up their neighborhood streets….to their front doors. Time to wake-up and realize FEMA warns people to get ready. FEMA has purchased tons and tons of freeze dried foods and billions of rounds of lethal hollow-point ammo which is illegal under the Geneva Convention to use in wars! They know something is coming – period!

It can’t happen in America you say? History is a good teacher…so don’t let your loved ones go un-protected. Get the only real insurance there is….get food and survival gear insurance…the insurance that any good provider thinks of… before the Red Dawn rises in the morning…please visit today and use the planning tools there to protect your household! DIY (Do It Yourself) Supplies are there.
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Mike Brown, 8 year Navy Intel vet and graduate of the classified S.E.R.E. (Survival Evasion Resistance escape) school. Owner of and internet blogger. Former 911 Sick Rescue Workers, billion dollar class action law suit investigations supervisor.

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