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Mentally Preparing for a Break-In

Being mentally prepared to act quickly and decisively in response to a home break-in could save your life.  When you are unsuspectingly thrown into a life threatening situation, the adrenaline rush is too powerful for you to think logically, forcing you to rely on your instinct.  With the proper

5 SHTF Safety Items You Need

To survive a SHTF scenario, manual labor and the use of tools are going to become requirements. For many, this will equate to an increase in activity and an increased risk of injury. When forced to depend on physical well-being to survive, every injury is magnified. Small injuries can even

How to Prevent Car Theft

Having a car broken into can be devastating, expensive, and time consuming.  Whether it’s a smash-and-grab job or a thief actually drives off in a vehicle, most of us know someone that has fallen victim to vehicle theft.  Some of us may have even fallen victim ourselves. This article

Why You Need a SHTF Generator

Almost all of us have experienced power outages at one point or another in our lives. But what happens when the power doesn’t come back on? For about 8 million residents of New York, power was lost during hurricane Sandy. According to the Huffington Post, over 100,000 people remained without power two weeks