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The Best Faraday Bags To Stop Digital Hackers Cold

 In the modern world, electronics are everywhere.And these electronic devices all want your personal information.Information that’s both valuable and vulnerable.Without proper privacy protection, your electronic devices (i.e., phone, computer) may get hacked.It’s not difficult for computer nerds to do.And it’s a non-violent, easy way for criminals to watch, listen,

How Much Food & How Long to Store

Some of the most common questions regarding food storage are how much should I store, and how long can I store it for? This blog post should help in answering these questions. Here are some suggestions for items within each of these categories that you can use. You can divide

5 Survival Knots Worth Learning

Basic knot tying is something that everyone should know.  In a survival situation, being able to quickly tie a knot to secure a shelter or rescue someone could mean the difference between life and death. Take a few minutes to learn these 5 critical survival knots and you will be

Lock Picking: A SHTF Skill You Should Know

There is a mountain of information about lock picking on the internet, but most of it makes lock picking seem intimidating or difficult to learn. My experience was exactly the opposite so I was inspired to share what I learned. Why Lock Picking is Worth Learning Makes you more valuable Post-SHTF There

Post-SHTF OPSEC – Survival Gear Blog

OPSEC, or Operational Security, refers to keeping your everyday movements and actions discreet to prevent malicious parties from being able to piece together important information such as your schedule or the status of your preps. Many preppers and non-preppers alike are familiar with obvious day to day OPSEC procedures (i.e.

Mentally Preparing for a Break-In

Being mentally prepared to act quickly and decisively in response to a home break-in could save your life.  When you are unsuspectingly thrown into a life threatening situation, the adrenaline rush is too powerful for you to think logically, forcing you to rely on your instinct.  With the proper