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Review: Spyderco Assist Salt Knife

She’s bloody, upside down, unconscious, and behind a tinted window. Worse, you smell gasoline, and you have no cellphone signal to call 911 and no time to wait for help to arrive. Your choice is simple: extract her from the vehicle or watch the love of your life

New: Snow Peak Kojin Portable Grill

Portable cooking tools come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. On one end of the spectrum, we have ultralight isobutane stoves or micro wood stoves, which are great for heating single-serve dehydrated meals. However, they’re obviously not ideal for cooking large cuts of meat or food

How To Build A DIY Longbow [Video]

Consider a DIY longbow for your survival arsenal–efficient yet stealthy–and one you can build on our own, too! Check out the video tutorial below! RELATED: Archery 101: Tips And Tricks For Beginners In this article: Prefer a Silent Weapon for Survival Situations A Gun vs a DIY Longbow DIY Longbow: The Making of a

How To Make A Survival Bracelet

Paracord is a crucial part of your survival kit, and a great way to remember paracord in emergencies is to create a survival bracelet with it. RELATED: Paracord: Everything You’ll Ever Need To Know Why Have A Paracord Survival Bracelet? Paracord (also known as parachute cord) is a lightweight nylon rope. Originally,

Video: Which AA Batteries are the Best?

These days, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the aggressive marketing, colorful packaging, and bold, often misleading performance claims used to sell products in stores. Whether you’re looking for dish soap, dog food, or duct tape, many of us have stood in front of shelves full of brand-name

New: Bertucci A-1R Ultralight Field Watch

As much as we appreciate the high-tech navigation and communication capabilities of smart watches, they certainly have their trade-offs. They’re large and heavy on the wrist, potentially fragile, dependent on frequent battery charging, and (most notably) very expensive. If all you need is the ability to tell time,