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WATER WORLD SURVIVAL GAME – Fighting Pirates and Hunting Sharks – Let’s Play Landless Gameplay

Welcome to Landless! Landless is a survival adventure game on the open ocean. Let’s Play Landless!

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About Landless

Survive, Craft, Build, Discover, Hunt, Salvage, Farm, and fight off pirates on the open ocean. Conquer the high seas in this post-apocalyptic water world where settlements are built and raided. Experience it all in Landless!

Experience a rich beautiful ocean filled with life and treasures… Immerse yourself in a dynamic weather system that directly affects the ocean and world around you. Survive the harsh elements. The ocean currents are constantly roaring and ripping, will you be able to tame Landless?

Find food by either fishing, hunting, or salvaging. Stay quenched by drinking precious fresh water. The sea can be a cold place, stay warm by keeping yourself dry. Don’t forget to rest after a long day at sea! Keep an eye on your health to stay alive!

Craft parts and equipment to help you on your survival. Configure modifications and upgrade parts to improve your boat or other structures you’ve made. Cook food to prevent food poisoning or distill wood alcohol to help make more Biofuel.

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Build Buoys that can be upgraded to specialty structures such as Hydro Turrets or Sonar Buoy. Construct your own watercrafts and water structures to establish your own settlement. Craft and place furniture and devices with interactive functions.

Explore a world filled with wild sea life, floating debris, aircrafts, watercrafts, and people. Use radar or sonar to detect objects from a distance. Encounter immersive events that can lead to rare loot. Meet new strangers, flotillas, and settlements. Will you engage in trade? Attempt to recruit? Or raid and pillage? Above and below, there will always be something exciting to discover and do!

Fight off hostile creatures or hunt down docile ones. Attempt to kill a great whale to collect its valuable whale oil. Shoot down birds for sport or food. Be careful not to get too carried away, all that blood could attract unwanted attention.

Venture into wreckages to find rare parts that can’t otherwise be crafted. Salvage and sink enemy boats. Wide crafting selection. Anything can be salvaged in a sea of junk.

Cast out your fishing pole and try to reel in the fish, not so easy for a rookie.

Ever wonder how you came in possession of such a fine fishing vessel? Commandeering a boat from a pirate fleet was the only way to escape. It also didn’t help taking a rare artifact from the pirate captain. Now there’s a bounty on you by all pirates. Defend yourself as fleets of pirates will search and destroy. As your power and influence increases so will the desperation of the pirates.

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Procedurally generated ocean allows random events, objects, people, flotillas, and settlements to give a custom created world every new play. Even as you venture out watch as the world forms around you, bringing new and unique challenges.

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