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Walmart | EDC & Survival Gear Shopping | $5 Challenge!

Kickoff to a New Series where we show you how we take our small budget week to week and find ways to Prep As We Live!

*Doing small things like picking up Candles, MRE’s, Freeze Dried Food, Paracord, Filters, allows you to build up essentials more effective in small batches rather than impact your budget hard with Massive Purchases..

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WAZOO USA Made Wearable Survival Gear:

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Recommend Budget Survival Gear: All $30 or less

Fishing/Hunting BOSS Kit Here:
Pick Up Fire BOSS Kit: $19.99
Maxpedition Fatty Pack Black:
Maxpedition Fatty:
The Pocket Shot:
The Pocket Shot Handle:
Pocket Shot Arrow Pouches:
10PK CHEM Lights:
Bushcraft 101 Book:
Pocket Bellows:
Bellows Fire Starting Kit:
Schrade SCHA6LBR:
ExoTac NanoStriker XL:
EXOTAC Nanstriker Rods:
Nitecore TIP Keychain Lite:
50PK TinderQuicks:
100PK TinderQuicks:
Blade Tech Clips:
Spark-N-Sharp Tool:
4DB FireSteel Elite:
KnisFor 3in1 Tool:
Corona Folding Saw:
TribeOne PackTach:
CRKT Persevere Axe:
Epic Wipes: 10pk
Atactical A1S Flashlight 1150 Lumens:
CRKT Directive Tanto Folding Knife:
CRKT Directive Drop Point Knife:
CRKT Jettison Folding Knife:
CRKT/Ruger Cordite Neck Knife:
OUTXE 8000 MAH LED Power Bank:
OUTXE 10000 MAH Power Bank:
4DB Extreme Weather FireStarter:
EZ Towel 50 Pack Towels:
Titan SurvivorCord 100ft Hank:
HydroBlu 1oz SideKick WaterFilter:
Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel:
UVPaqlite Reusable GlowStick:
UVPaqlite Scout Pack:
Lever Gear Tool Card Pro:
SOL 2-Person XL Bivvy:
MoraKnive Bushcraft Forest:
Lighting Ever 600lm 3 in 1 Lantern:
Lighting Ever 1000 Lumen Searchlight:
HydraPak Seeker:
Fire Assist Capsules:
UST Paratinder 100ft:
UST Paratinder 30ft:
Mora 511 Field Knife:
Cold Steel Tuff N Lite:
OUTXE Camping Lantern:
Grabber Space Blanket:
Grabber Space Blanket OD:
Survival Med FIRST AID Kits:

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My Personal Youtube Channel Camera Rig Equipment:

My Professional Tripod:
RODE Video Micro:
Iographer Video Kit IPhone 6/6S:
KingJoy Fluid Head:
Neewer Tripod Level Head:
Viltrox L116T LED Light:
KingJoy Video Slider:
Joby Gorilla Pod:
Joby Tight Pro Phone Mounts:
Lanparte HHG-01 Gimbal:
Lanparte HHG-01 Extra Battery:

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