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Tool Logic SL-3 Survival Knife

In the great outdoors there are a few items that are irreplaceable, such as a good sharp knife, a Fire Starter and a whistle. The new Tool Logic SL3 offers all these vital features in a very compact, functional shape. Blade – The all-round utility shape for the 3″ blade has enough point to be actually useful, yet softened with a steep drop profile at the tip. The blade has sufficient curve for most field chores and can be opened or closed easily with just one hand. 50/50 serrations add the utility of both cutting and sawing action when needed.

The Tool Logic SL3 Knife contains a fire starter. This premium Swedish fire starter will create sparks even when wet, plus the sleeve will also hold a standard Mag-Lite Solitaire (not provided).


3″ 50/50 Serrated Blade
One-Hand Operation
Liner-Type Lock
Watertight Cavity
Premium wet/dry Magnesium Alloy Firestarter
Emergency Whistle
Stainless Pocket/Belt Clip
Lanyard Hole.

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