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Survival Weapons- Pocket Hunter review

Product review of Dave Canterbury’s Pocket Hunter. I gave the Pocket Hunter a 7 out of 10. The Pocket Hunter was reasonably priced. The blister package should be designed so that the fletching on the arrow does not get damaged. When first taken out of the package, I found the Pocket Hunter to be securely built, but after putting a few arrows through it, the arrow rest adapter began to loosen a little making a rattling noise. The thumb screw could not be turned enough by hand to take the looseness out. I found it to be a little bit clumbsy when attempting to put the nock of the arrow onto the para-cord string for shooting. After putting a few arrows down range I was able to load the arrows a little faster. Once the arrow was loaded, I was able to put the arrows close to center target at 10 and 15 yards, but found it was harder to do at 20 yards and beyond without practice. Using the same arrows that came with the Pocket Hunter is important. I found that the arrow that came with the unit shot consistently every time. So use the same arrows or something similar. The Pocket Hunter also comes with a separate 3 pack of arrows at an additional cost. Other arrows I used performed much differently. Occasionally, I found the arrows to float around the arrow rest making the shot unpredictable. This was probably due to the arrow nock being too tight on the para-cord string. The para-cord release set up caused my finger to get sore, so using a shooting glove of some type will prevent that from happening. The arrow adapter and para-cord string can be removed converting the Pocket Hunter into a sling shot. Very versatile in the event you loose all your arrows. Over all I was satisfied with the purchase and will continue to practice with it so that I can become proficient enough to use it when the need arises. Go to my website at and look under my survival bow link to learn how to make a take down arrow. These arrows would pack nicely into a small package with the Pocket Hunter. Stay Prepared! Stay Alive!


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