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Spectre II Take Down Survival Bow

In this video, I review the Spectre II Compact Take Down Survival Bow made by Xpectre Inc.

This bow is the 35 pound draw weight model, which is sufficient for taking game sized up to white tail deer. Another benefit of the lower draw weight is the ability to practice longer before fatigue compared to other heavier draw weight bows. This is crucial for a beginner, experienced in bow hunting, and would also be beneficial were you in a true survival situation in that the lighter draw weight will be easier to manipulate and control were you truly in a fatigued, survival situation. For me, the lower draw weight of this bow compliments my heavier hunting bows well, because I can practice instinctive shooting at a much lower draw weight and practice that much longer before fatigue.

The bow is constructed of a fiberglass riser and composite limbs. The bow can be easily strung without a bow stringer or any tools, making it extremely field expedient to assemble. It does come with a Dacron string, but unfortunately the arrows provided did not nock on the string, nor would my customer built arrows. So I replaced the string with a 14 strand Flemish twist bowstring. The string as an actual length of 50″ should you choose to replace it as I did. CAUTION – That is actual length, not AMO.

The bow was very accurate out of the box at distances within 20 yards. Having only shot it a few times, I can tell you with practice this is a legitimate tool that could be used for medium game, but this bow really shines in smaller game where you’ll be able to get closer to the quarry.

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This bow is extremely light weight, at only 1 pound 12 ounces when strung. The provided case, 4 arrows, and bow when taken down have an extremely small footprint allowing for easy transport and storage, and is light at 2 pounds 3 ounces.

All in all, for under $100 (replacement string included) this is a perfect bow to compliment your preparedness plans and I intend to include this in my Get Home Bag.


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