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Primitive Survival Skills: Primitive Technology Weapons (Knives)

Primitive Technology Weapons is our next video. In this video we use the Primitive survival skill to make two knives. At first we searched for bits of bones in the forest. Then we sharpen it to become a knife. Then we took the bark to braid the wire. We tie

Primitive Survival Skills: Primitive Hunting Technology

Hello friends. Our latest video on primitive hunting technology. Here we use survival skills to make a trap. We have trapped a bird with this trap. Initially we used rocks and a tree to trap. Then we were grilling birds and eating. We made this video purely by primitive technology.

Primitive Survival Skills: Technology Looking For Food Primitive (Meretrix lyrata)

This is our next video. We made this video on a beautiful island. In this video we guide you to find food on the beach. Initially we built tools to catch Meretrix lyrata. We use Primitive skills to make fishing gear. We cut trees and used stones and strings to

10 Survival Gadgets You Should Have Available On Amazon

10 Survival Gadgets You Should Have Available On Amazon 10 SPARtool Multitool 9 Schrade SCAXE5 Full Tang Tactical Hatchet 8 FlashTorch Mini Firestarter Flashlight 7 SOG MacV Tool US--- India--- UK---- 6 Bushnell PowerSync

Survival Fish Hunting | Make Bamboo Spear For Catching Fish in Pond Near My Village | Catch n Cook

Hello Everyone! How are you today? Greeting from Siem Reap Angkor, Cambodia! This is video I want to show you about Survival Fish Hunting | Make Bamboo Spear For Catching Fish in Pond Near My Village | Catch n Cook. If you enjoy this video, Help Like, Comment, and Share

EASY Survival MEAT! Squirrel Pole Snare Set-Up – SURVIVAL TRAPS / SNARES 101

Learn to Make a Basic Squirrel Pole Snare System Out of Wire and a Branch - so You Can Stay Alive in a Wilderness or Urban Survival Situation. In this video, Clint will show you how to improvise a basic squirrel pole snare from wire or paracord so that you can

Primitive Technology: Weapons Danger Primitive (Canarium)

Primitive dangerous weapon. This is our 6th video. In this video we show you how to make a primitive weapon. We have created Danger primitive weapons (fruit) that are used to fight and hunt wild animals. It is a weapon for primitive existence. We made this video in tropical jungle,

Walmart | EDC & Survival Gear Shopping

WALMART | A fun look into Survival Gear shopping where I will venture to several of my local outdoor retailers & see what New, useful, affordable, & Hidden treasures I can find each trip! Amazon Prime Trial (Supports the Channel) Check Out My Wife's Channel: aka OutDoor Momma FRIENDS OF THE FORGE:

Testing The Cheapest Survival Knife On AMAZON

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