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Hunting / Camping Knife: Uncle Henry PH1N -3.5 in. Stainless Steel Blade

NEW! Hunting / Camping Knife – Uncle Henry PH1N three and a half inch Blade with Staglon Handle, Full Tang, Stainless Steel Blade from:
Forged with back woods and hunting tasks in mind, the Uncle Henry PH1N beckons to the outdoorsman in need of a stout sidekick that will never leave his side.
With a total length of 8 inches, this full tang, fixed blade brute-of-a-knife can handle just about any cutting or light chopping task you throw at it.
Three and a half inches of 7Cr17Mov Stainless steel forms a razor sharp, fine edge, that meets a piercing sharp drop point. The result… ,a knife suitable for not only the rough tasks required of a full tang blade, but also the finer jobs in need of a little finesse.
The four and a half inch Staglon handle curves just enough on the top side to conform perfectly to your hand, while the bottom side forefinger cut-out helps with grip and control.
A leather lanyard is included on the back side of the PH1N to further the safety of this knife in any climate or weather condition.
Handsome burnished brass front guard and handle pins make this knife the pride of any hunting knife collection.
To keep the PH1N by your side, the included chestnut brown genuine leather sheath is eager to serve you day in and day out. Simply slip the knife into this no-snag compression sheath for a low profile carry on any belt up to two inches in width.
For a part of the past in the palm of your hand… Grip a legend, the Uncle Henry UHCOM2 Fixed blade full tang knife with leather sheath.
It’s tough as the day is long.

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