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Chukotka, Siberia, 2008 
DVCAM Color,
87 min. Color 4:3

Russian/Chukchi with English Subtitles.


Along the coast of the Bering Sea a community of whale hunters are struggling to survive keeping alive a millenary tradition. Surviving one of the most extreme environments of the planet.

Director’s Statement: 

I wanted to capture the millenary tradition of Chukchi whale hunters, their ability to survive using archaic hunting techniques forced by international Commissions. I wanted also to capture the hunting in all its splendor all its ritual with its inner times and cycles. I was interested in their survival and their feeding cycles I wanted to make a film on the food chain of a whale hunter, from the wintertime to the summer, from the fish to the seal to the whale. I wanted the film to be a sort of action film, without much dialogues a pure cinematic and visual experience. A film that captures the survival and determination of the worlds last whale hunters.


Director, Photography and Camera: Carlos Casas

Music and Sound: Sebastian Escofet 

Editing: Felipe Guerrero 

Main Characters: Edward Rypkirghin, Vladimir Piny, Anton Rypkirghin 
Production: Fabrica, RTSI


-Festival Internacional de Cine Contemporaneo. Mexico FICCO 2006

Winner Best Documentary 

-Festival Internationale du Documentaire, FID Marseille 2008

-Festival Internacional Mar de Plata 2008 , Argentina

-Torino International Film Festival 2008 
TIFF 2008, Italia


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