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Hunters and Predators of the Planet – Part 4

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In Namibia, the bushmen o starting a day of hunting. On the great African savannah, distances are enormous, smell is virtually useless, and the hunter has must rely on sight alone.
Sight, and of course experience and knowledge of the terrain. The signs left behind by the passing herds speak to the bushmen, every blade of grass provides information, every stone conveys a message.
Four hunters represent four families, and they need large prey in order to ensure the energy balance is positive.

In the frozen mountains of Kazakhstan, in Mongolia, there still lives a people for whom hunting is much more than simply getting food to eat.
According to ancient legend, it was Genghis Khan himself who first held out his left fist to a bird of prey, thus beginning this people’s tradition of training eagles. The fact is the Kazakhs have achieved perfect symbiosis with both the horse and the golden eagle.

When the eagles spot something moving, they instinctively launch into attack. Their sight is eight times more acute than that of humans.
One after another, the “berkute” as they call them, with their 7 kilos in weight, swoop down, reaching speeds of up to 200 kilometres an hour, against a formidable enemy that could easily kill them.


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