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Extreme Duo Winter Survival: 24hours after Ice Fall-through (2 items each)

Extreme Winter Survival: Two guys on a day hike, cross a beaver dam. The dam breaks and the two guys fall into freezing cold water. While obtaining an injury on a limb, with no communication device or any other equipment, except two items each. Can they overcome hypothermia and find their 20 km way back to civilization? This is part 1 of 2, where we try and get a fire going and establish ourselves for the night to come. Also check out part 2: with overnight stay and the hike back to civilization.
Part 2:

This was a challenge given to us, by the winner of our 20k subscriber giveaway! We were on private ground, with the property owners on standby, ca. 5 minutes away, in case of ‘real emergency’. This was a very important part in doing this dangerous challenge.

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Smooth Gefixt Winter Survival series: exploring the East-European Wilderness! An epic winter season with Bushcraft Battles, Igloo, Shelter Building, Extreme Winter Survival and more Adventure fun! We would like to bring you with us, sharing our love for nature, as entertainment or education, whether you are into hiking, survival, or somewhere in-between.

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Adventure Island – Vladimir Volchenko

Kevin MacLeod – Prelude and Action
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Kevin MacLeod – Satiate Percussion
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