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Cudeman FAB Survival Hunting Knife

Cudeman FAB Hunting Knife . A full tang* Full flat grind camping hunting and survival (if you happen to have it on you at the time) knife.
* This is NOT a full tang knife in the real sense. Whilst the tang appears to be solid with the exception of the handle scale holes, it isn’t. When I removed the scales there is very little metal within the handle. Two thin strips of metal, one running at the top and one running along the bottom are all that is inside this handle, that gives the “illusion” of being a Full tang knife.

The tang is really a “semi full tang” knife. Cudeman market this model as a survival model but because of this tang I would not recommend this application. There is not much “meat in the sandwich”.
I should say here that many manufacturers market their knives as “full tang” and in actual fact are not but heavily machined/forged/water jet cut out tangs covered up by handle scales.

Made from MOVA steel alloy. A spear point blade profile, with thumb gimping and choil for added control of the knife. The cutting edge is about 115mm and total blade length as measured from the scales,111mm. This tested model came with lovely cocobolo scales, a tropical timber of excellent mechanical and physical properties. The grip was comfortable and I never felt like I was going to lose the knife out of my hand whilst in use. This is an excellent light duty hunting and camping knife. It goes without saying it came razor sharp out of the box and was still razor sharp much to my amazement after all of these tests. (that includes all that unedited footage you didn’t see LOL).
Not much more to say about this knife. I give it a 7.5 out of 10. BTW the fluoro orange Paracord is mine, the knife didn’t come with this.It did come with a thin cord for fixing the scabbard to your leg when mounted vertically. I didn’t use it because I think this is a good way to get caught up in the bush.

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Note: some may argue that this blade profile is a drop point but the design is closer to a spear point as the tip is almost on axis.


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