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Arrow Slingshot, Marksmen Pocket Hunter, Hunting, Survival, Bugging Out

Arrow Slingshot, Marksmen Pocket Hunter, Hunting, Survival, Bug Out

Ok guys, I wanted to try out one of these slingbow’s I hear so much about. Well I went cheap and it didn’t pay off, broke within the first 25 shots. The Marksmen Pocket Hunter seemed like a great product to try out, without researching deeper, I bought it to do a in-depth review to bring to my subscribers and also to enjoy and have fun with. That didn’t work out so well, and maybe thought it was a design flaw? But after further research, I found a bunch of unhappy customers without even digging that much. So, I am going to chalk this one up to you get what you pay for, cheap it sometimes cheap. I am not knocking David’s product, well it is made in China, or maybe it is a copy because it doesn’t have his pathfinder symbol on it? Don’t know, but it is cheap… Thank you guys for watching as always!!

Time Cues;
1:33 Looking at #1 claim, 115 FPS Testing
3:38 Looking at #2 claim, 42 pound at 28 inches
3:50 Looking at #3 claim Arrow rest
4:10 Arrow retention
5:40 Destroyed arrow
6:06 Pocket Hunter FAIL!!
7:00 Disappointed
7:45 Other slingshot options
8:26 My opinion about the concept
10:28 My Idea maybe why is Failed…!!
11:05 WHY!!!! would he put his name on this?
12:00 In closing statements
Shoots arrows at up to 115 F.P.S., equal to a longbow. Equal to a longbow? My modern longbows are shooting at about 180 F.P.S., maybe they are talking about a traditional 35 lb longbow? WHAT LONGBOW are they comparing too?
• Before It broke it was averaging at 100 FPS with a 350-grain arrow produces about a 9 FT Pounds Kinetic energy, Gold Tip arrow website and other, claim 25 FT + for small game (Rabbits, groundhogs, etc.)
• Oregon State law requires at least a 45 pound bow to hunt deer.
Heavy-duty band offers up to a 42-lb – Didn’t get a chance to verify
Arrow rest with smooth, rounded tips can be removed, for regular slingshot shooting. Arrow rest may be smooth, but doesn’t help hold the arrow at ALL.
• Right of I noticed trying to get the arrow noked and ready was a challenge, even looked up the video on how to do it properly

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Ok with that being said, let’s get into my opinion
• Do I like the concept? Yes
• Would I rather have a bow? Yes
• DO I like a slingshot, hell Yes

o Rather have a modern longbow, and sling shot then combination
o More accurate with an arrow using a bow, to include the power
o More accurate with a slingshot how it is
• I would like to have both, use the slingshot for small game, birds, squirrels, sage rats

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