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14 Best Weapons For the Zombie Apocalypse

We are all wondering what the best weapon to have around when the zombie apocalypse finally hits so here are 14 of the top ones.

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7. Hammers & Mallets
Consider hammers and mallets to the bread and butter of your zombie melee weapons arsenal. With it being an extremely cheap tool with both sides being an effective killing instrument. The claw part can pierce through skull and act like a claw. Mallets can be quite heavy and easily be thrown and knock a zombie on their butt. Throwing mallets can be quite accurate and effective within 10 yards Also if you’re trapped in a closed space a mallet might be strong enough to break through doors

6. Mace
Similar to a flail but without the swinging action of the chain, maces are designed to strike a target with sheer blunt force, but sometimes. Don’t confuse this with the kind of mace like pepper spray. That will most likely just enrage the zombie even more. Use the right mace and you won’t have worry about becoming zombie food.

5.Trench Knife
Equipped with both brass knuckles and a blade, a trench knife if definetly a good place to start if you haven’t started getting ready just yet. This, of course, is only meant to be used in close quarters combat. The brass knuckles also help keep the blade from sliding out of your hand. That’s something you really don’t want to happen during a heated zombie battle. A quick stab to the head and the zombie should leave you alone. The brass knuckles most likely won’t kill the zombie, but with enough force, you can severely injure it.

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4. Shotgun with Bayonet
Shotguns are an extremely good weapon when it comes to taking out zombies. Since shotguns shootout several bullets at a time, it causes more damage in close ranges. From far away you’ll probably want to go with the crossbow. The setback with shotguns will be their loud noises and their slow reloading time. But this Mossberg 12 gauge shot is equipped with a bayonet, will provide you with a stellar melee weapon, and it’ll act as a spear. Be sure to equip plenty of certified zombie ammunition because you’ll never know how much you’ll need.

3. Samurai Sword or Katana
If it weren’t for a few setbacks, the samurai sword would be number one. The long carbon steel, slightly curved blade allows you to slice through zombie flesh like a hot knife through butter. No other sword is known for it’s slicing capabilities and there’s no doubt that it could take a zombie’s head right off of it’s shoulders. So why isn’t this number 1? Swords must be carefully maintained in order for them to be effective. A poorly made blade can break under intense fighting. Plus the Samurai sword won’t be very useful cutting firewood. Nonetheless, it’s a ruthless killing machine if you know how to use it properly and if you have a quality blade. It has the potential to kill a few zombies

2. Spears
The great thing about spears is that it allows you to keep your ? during combat. Not only from the long pole it’s connected on but also due to the fact that spears make great throwing weapons as well. So with spears you don’t even have to get zombie guts on your hands. Spears are mostly made for jabbing but with a long enough blade they can cut as well if the blade is long enough, like we see in this photo. Unlike a sword, if a spear were to break, the blade could still double as a fairly decent weapon like a knife. It also makes a great tool for fishing while hiding out from zombies near streams. This zombie here by the lake doesn’t stand a chance against a well planned spear attack. Spears are one of the first weapons mankind used and could still be the most reliable during the zombie apocalypse.

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1.Axes and Tomahawks
Being one of the favorite weapons of the Vikings, the ax is a multi purpose decapitator. Before Mythbusters conducted an experiment of which weapon was more effective against a horde of simulated zombies coming at them, Adam Savage stood shamelessly awaiting for the battle to begin.. Unlike a gun it never needs to be reloaded it will never jam and an ax will remain extremely reliable. It’s simplicity keeps you from having to overthink during fight or flight situations. If a gun runs out of bullets it may only act as a club unless you have a bayonet. Tomahawks can thrown kill enemies with an effective range about ten meters. Don’t underestimate the power of this simple tool. It may save your life during the zombie apocalypse.


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