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Walmart Survival Fishing Gear Deals

I have been looking for the perfect spool of fishing line for my survival bug out bag and EDC bag. I finally found exactly what I wanted at Walmart. Plus a good deal on fish hooks of various sizes.

These are spools of 100 yards of fishing line of various weights. I got a spool of 6, 8 and 10 pound line.

I will be putting some fishing line in each of my bags. My main Bug Out Bag. My Every Day Carry Bag and my EDC belt pouch. In this way I will never be found without some sort of fishing gear in a survival situation.

I will also have various sized hooks in each of the three bags. I believe in having extra fish hooks. Anyone who has ever been fishing or even watched real survival videos knows that you lose fish hooks and line all the time.

If you have only one single fish hook and a tiny bit of fishing line in your survival kit, you will go hungry. Fish snap line and you lose the hook. It happens all the time. Or you get a snag on something submerged under the water and its all over for you.

I will get some dollar store sewing machine spools to respool the fishing line so that it takes up less space and it is lighter weight. The spools this line came on are too heavy for survival.

Light, thin sewing machine spools are the best for the job. I will show them on video when I find what I am looking for.

You do not want to spool your fishing line too small like on an ink pen. The line will retain the tight pattern and will knot up on your with time.

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Hope this helps someone.

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