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Survival Technique: How to Catch Food/Baitfish with a Plastic Bottle

I have put together an instructional video on how to create a fish trap, which could be used for survival or recreational purposes. This technique really does highlight the basic fundamentals of some of the simple things that you might learn in boy scouts. Even though it’s a simple method, many don’t realize that they could build a fish trap with a few basic items that are typically found on most shore lines. Items needed include: A plastic bottle (Larger the better), a knife and a bait source.

Once you have located your plastic bottle, all you have to do is cut an “X” in the side. Then you fold the flaps downward (Inside the bottle) this helps prevent the fish from escaping once they enter the bottle. Next you fill the bottle with wet sand or shell to anchor the trap the bottom of lake or ocean. Now you need to locate a food source, by quickly walking the beach, I found a mullet head and a dead crab. I also added Cheez-its. Once I set the trap, it took no more than two minutes to attract a school of fish. The school rapidly grew with each passing minute. This simple technique could very well save a life or even help you catch bait for your next trip. Try it out and see for yourself how well it works. If you like the video, please give a thumbs up and subscribe.

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