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Survival Food Collection Kit part 1

This is my food collection kit. Please note, this is not a survival kit. I have other kits that contain all of the essential survival items (cutting tool, combustion device, cordage, container, cover). It is only a hunting a fishing kit. Enjoy.

Technical Specs

Condor MA-8 Utility Pouch
Width: 8 ½”
Height: 4 ½”
Depth: 3 ½”

Weight as Configured (with additional components)
3 lbs. 2 oz.
50 oz.
1420 grams

Pathfinder Kit — Core Components
1 Pocket Hunter Slingshot w/arrow rest and spool
1 Pocket Fishing Kit
1 Pack of Dakoline Ghost Rider snares
Total: $65.00

Additional Add-on Items
1 Pathfinder Bushmaster Spear Point $60.00
2 ESEE Izula Arrowheads $48.25
3 Carbon Break-Down Arrows $62.00
1 pack of Speed Hooks $6.95
(Sorry, I forgot to include the price of the speed hooks in the video)
1 Pack of 3/8 Steel Shot $5.25
Three Prong Frog Gig $2.50
1 Rat Trap $2.00
Total $186.95

Grand Total: $251.95


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