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Spearfishing Giant Atlantic HALIBUT in Norway

The idea for this trip was birthed around three years ago when I first saw a photo of one of these fish whilst researching diving opportunities in Europe before I moved to the UK from Australia. Countless hours of planning and preparation saw myself, Andrew Gomm, Joose Seppälä, Bryson Sheehy & Nikki Watt diving in the Arctic Circle in the top end of Norway. A remote and beautiful part of the world however the diving for halibut is extremely difficult. Long days drifting in cold water, thick wetsuits & mental torture.

Over five days diving we put three of these incredible fish into the boat. Absolutely none of the fish was wasted and everything was consumed; I am still enjoying halibut fillets four months later.

Filmed by Daniel Mann, additional footage from Joose, Bryson & Nikki.


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