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Our Fishing Kit

Our Fishing Kit
School of Self Reliance is now selling their own Fishing Kit!
Watch the video to see what is included! (Some items shown on the website that were not shown in the video. Please see website for full list of kit contents).
This little emergency fishing kit will have you catching dinner in no time!
This kit can also be used to set up snares to catch small game animals as well!
You can purchase this kit on our website at:


1 16oz Metal Tin (can be used for making charcloth, purifying water, cooking, signal reflector) Tin will come taped shut with electrical tape to make it waterproof

2 Yo-Yo Fishing Reels

1 Military Speedhook with fishing line

1 Fishing line plastic reel with line

2 large fishing sinker weights

2 small fishing sinker weights

2 extra swivel snaps

1 bag of fishing bait (expands in water)

1 pack fishing lures (some not shown in video)

1 pack fishing hooks (small and large)

2 Bobber floats (not shown in video)

Fishing Reel Instructions

Fishing Tips Instructions

Speedhook Fishing System Instructions

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