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Mini Fishing Rod & Reel Combo from

A review of an ultra compact and ultra lightweight fishing rod and reel combo that is ideal for multiple fishing applications. Whether it’s as a backup to your primary fishing gear, a travel rod, part of a hiking or backpacking system, or even as an addition to a survival kit or “bug out” bag, this compact and durable combo has every capability to meet the needs of the serious fisherman. Although these are ultralight action rods by nature, they have the versatility to handle a wide range of fish species… from stream trout, to bass, to catfish, and even to plus 20lb carp… these little “workhorses” can handle pretty much anything you can throw at them. Of course, as with any ultralight fishing equipment, some skill and finesse is required. All in all, after fishing with them for the majority of the summer and catching a diverse selection of species, I can honestly say that I absolutely love these rods!

If you’re interested in adding a compact rod and reel combo such as this to your fishing tackle arsenal, I have included a link below to the makers of the original Pen Fishing Rods. I would like to advise exercising a bit of caution if you are looking into purchasing a rod of this type, as there are many “knockoff” versions out there. Having never fished with the lesser quality versions I cannot speak to their quality or durability. However, having caught dozens of fish with the rods of (including the standing world record for a rod of this type), I can certainly say that in the hands of a serious fisherman, these rods will stand the test of time.

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Tight Lines & Fair Weather!

The Original Pen Rod & Reel Combos:
World Record Video For A Pen Style Fishing Rod:

“Emergency Fishing Kit”

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