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Making a basic handline for Fishing

How I make a basic handline for fishing. I choose a piece of wood like Ash and cut it to length. It needs to be chunky enough to hold and small enough for your pocket or kit bag. Then I peel the bark off one end , maybe 2 inches then I carve down to make an area to spoil line on. Once you have done this you can then season the handline stave so you can sand the end easier, it needs to be deep enough for plenty of line. I also treat the stave with boiled linseed oil. You can simply drill the base and fit a wrist strap lanyard or use a flat drill bit and drill a compartment into the handle to hold small floats, spare hooks, shot etc. You can use a bung or cork as a stopper to plug the end. I use 10lb line as you can get snagged easily and need to pull free. Then Size 10 or 12 hooks and just float the bread bait but small floats and shot can be used as normal you just don’t get a good cast with a handline.


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