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Fish Trap – Easy To Make When Fishing Without A Fishing Pole (SurvivalGeek)


In this video, I will teach how to make a fishing trap that let’s you fish and catch multiple fish, rather than just a few.

Edit: I kept calling this the shear lashing. It’s actually called the round lashing. They are so similar – To Frap or Not To Frap (lol) 😀

No fishing pole is needed.

Following items can help your chances:

*Monofilament or Braided Fishing Line

*Inside strands of Paracord

*Bankline (#36 or smaller)

*Barbed fishing hooks or barbed treble hooks

*Lead Weights (lead bullet weights or lead splitshot weights)

*Weighted Bobbers or Pencil Bobbers

*Bait: Worms (live or artificial), slugs, frogs, minnows, bread (the soft inside rolled into a small 3/8″ or 1/2″ inch ball), cut bait (small fish such as bream or crappie cut into small chunks), chicken livers, salamanders, salmon eggs, bream bites, corn… Any of these will work

*A hammer, hatchet, axe or rock to hammer in wood stake (a wood stake about 3 – 4 foot long will be need to drive into ground per trap) into ground to lash a sapling to

*a live, fresh cut sapling (baby tree) about 7 – 14 foot tall per trap

*Knots – know how to tie: the square knot, the clove hitch, two half hitches, the taught line hitch, the polamar knot, clinch knot or improved clinch knot

*Lashings – know how to tie: the round lashing

*A pocket knife (one with a saw would be really helpful such as a Leatherman Surge or a Swiss Army Camper)


*Always take down your traps after you’re done and follow all local laws regarding fishing and trapping!

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