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EDC Fishing Kit (For Survival, Backpacking, Bug Out Bag)

This is a short but more in depth look at the fishing kit I carry in my EDC bag. I am not much of a fisherman, and I put together a kit with a little extra gear than normal to try to give me more of a fighting change in an emergency. There is still plenty of room in my kit, so if any of you real fisherman out there have recommendations, please send then my way! A fishing kit is something most would agree is a must have in an EDC…particularly in a state like Louisiana where water and the fish in it are never too far away. That said, many of us don’t do tons of fishing, and I put this kit together to show what you can do cheaply, lightly, and fairly inclusively. Hope all enjoy!

The Video from CommonSenseOutdoors that shows how to put together the emergency fishing pole can be seen here.


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