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Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit First Impressions

I have the Bear Grylls Survival Kit Ultimate which Bison from YouTube Buggingin gave me. These are my first impressions of the kit. I will be doing a full and more in depth review of the kit later on.

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But for now I was very impressed with some of the items in this kit.

This kit contains the following:

Gerber multi tool
Waterproof bag
Miniature LED light
Hand saw
Whistle on lanyard
Emergency whistle
Signaling mirror
Survival blanket
Ferro rod fire starter
Waterproof matches
Fire tinder
Snare wire
Emergency cord
Waxed thread
Fishing kit
Sewing kit

The Gerber multi tool is nice enough. I will do some more work with it and come back to you again later on this.

I am impressed with the fishing kit. All survival kits I have seen or had my hands on to date have only had a single bit of fishing line, one hook and sometimes a little lead weight. This kit has four hooks, four snap swivels and four weights. This is very impressive because in a real world survival situation you will lose hooks.

The hand saw is also the best I have ever had my hands on. This one actually looks like it may really work and hold up. Some hand saws break after one use. Some just dont really cut. This one looks good. I will review this in more detail as well.

Overall this survival kit is one of the best I have ever had my hands on. I am quite impressed with it.

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As mentioned above, I will be taking this kit out and really working with it to test out the items inside. I will be doing a thorough update video later.

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