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Backpacking Fishing Gear – Rod, Reel, Tackle

An overview of some of the fishing gear and tackle that I bring along when going hiking… whether it be an extended backpacking trip into a remote wilderness location, an overnighter close to home, or even just a day hike. I try to keep my backpacking fishing system lightweight and compact, yet still maintain a high level of versatility due to the diversity of fish species that I target. I discuss my rod and reel choice, tackle, and different bait options. A quick breakdown of what’s included in my set-up:

– Eastsport Fanny Pack (Hip Pack)
– Quantum Xtra-Lite Graphite Rod
– Shakespeare Micro-Spin Reel
– Micra type Multi-tool
– Plano Stowaway Mini Tackle Box
– Mepps, Lure Jensen, & Rooster Tail Spinners
– Assorted Soft Plastics
– Assorted Terminal Tackle

This combo has served well for me over the years for a variety of species ranging from panfish (bluegill, perch, crappie) to trout, to bass, and even catfish… in a range of locations from nearby ponds, to mountain streams, to remote wilderness lakes.

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