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A Game Camera, Hobo Fishing Kit and some Fungi

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Victsing 12mp game camera:
Hobo Fishing Kit (large):
Hobo Fishing Kit (small):
Small sling bag:
Snugpak bottle:
Harkila smock:
Ridgeline ranger trousers:
Harkila GTX boots:
A video of 3 parts which includes some trail camera setting (and results), fishing with a ‘hobo fishing kit’ and a hunt for fungi in my local woods.
Hopefully the fungi will really come up as a proper harvest soon and I can make some decent hunting videos with my friend Colin as his knowledge of fungi is far superior to mine.
00:00 Little Owl and setting a game cam
02:28 Hobo fishing kit
05:52 Fungi hunting in local woods
12:50 Close look at / in the large hobo fishing kit
16:44 Small hobo fishing kits
18:12 Results from game camera


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Panasonic HC-VX870 HD camcorder
+Rode stereo microphone:
+Rode ‘deadcat’ mic cover:
JVC Everio quad proof HD camcorder:
+Rode ‘deadcat’ mic cover (opened up and held between tripod and camera base)
Zomei Z666 tripod:
Manfrotto MTPIXI-B PIXI mini tripod:

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