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Survival Blog – Ultimate Guide: Survival Food

Ultimate Guide: Survival Food



survival food


Are you new to collecting survival food and are just not quite sure where to begin?

Well, you’ve stumbled upon the jackpot of guides.

We’ve got all the exclusive information to what foods you should be storing.



There are three different sources to choose from, where you can collect long term food and we are going to cover each one of these in depth.



The three different outlets where you can start stockpiling food are:


New to the survivalist life and are not trying to go the full distance yet?


Stocking up with food from the grocery store is a perfect start, especially if you are just trying to prepare for a short term emergency.


Some of the main items that you will want to purchase are:

  • Rice
    Provides carbohydrates that your body needs and is something very inexpensive to stock.

  • Canned meats, veggies, & fruits
    Canned goods are great to stock up on.. Just make sure you’ve got a handheld can opener in that stash! The meats are especially important in order to get the protein that your body needs.

  • Peanut Butter
    If it is stored properly, peanut butter can last up to 5 years and it is a great source of protein. Plus, it is delicious!

  • Pasta
    Can be good for up to 5 years if it is stored properly and it’s a great carb heavy food.

  • Bottles of water
    You’ll need this for cooking any dried foods such as dried beans, pasta, rice. Of course you need plenty of water to drink, so you’ll need to make sure you stock up on a large amount of water.

  • Dried beans
    These are cheap and easy to stock up on and provide carbohydrates.

  • Dried foods
    Beef jerky, dried fruits, etc can be a good source of nutrients for your body and are lightweight plus easy to store.




Disadvantages to grocery store survival food:

  • You have to pay close attention to the expiration dates. Most items stay good for about 2 years, so this is not something that you can stock once and forget about. It’s important to rotate your food out when the dates are getting close and replacing it with new items.

  • The dried beans, grains, pasta requires a large amount of water to cook, so this may not be the most optimal item in some scenarios.

  • Canned goods are heavy and bulky, so if you are on the move, it may be difficult to carry with you.







  • Generally you can only purchase these online.

  • They can be moderately expensive

  • The flavor is mediocre, but in a pinch, it’s great.


The moment you’ve all been waiting for…..




This is the most recommended option if you are serious about prepping for an emergency.

There are many companies that sell the long term food storage, but the one we’re going to take note of is Survival Cave Food.




  • Canned Meat
    Comes in beef, ground beef, turkey, chicken, and pork. These are ready to eat right out of the can.  How great is that? There are no additives, preservatives, or fillers added to the meat. The best part is that they last over 15 years and that is not just in the right conditions, that is just a fact! All you need is a can opener.

  • Freeze Dried Food
    All you need is water! They provide buckets of combinations of freeze dried meals that include 3 meals a day, drinks, and more that just have to be rehydrated. The best thing about these is that they taste phenomenal. Yes, the price seems steep, but when you calculate how much it really is per meal per day, the price is reasonable.
    There are several different meals included in these such as hearty potato soup, scrambled eggs, cheddar broccoli soup, and chocolate milk… just to name a few.



Looking at the long term food that survival cave food provides, there really are no disadvantages to this survival food option.


It lasts such a long time, the options are endless, and it gives you nutritious and tasty options.

You won’t find this in a grocery store, but it is available at



As we all know, survival food does not have to be for just a catastrophe..
Sometimes your hobby can benefit from having long term food on hand.


Campers, hikers, mountain bikers… you get the idea.


Depending on your family size, your budget, and the level of prepping that you are attempting to begin, any of these options ( the grocery store prep, the MREs, or the long term food storage) are going to work perfectly for you.


You just have to know what you goals are in storing food.


All in all, our goal was to give you the main points of what you should know about survival food and how you can prepare.


Gather your family and make a plan!

Happy prepping!



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