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Survival Blog – Top 10 things must have in your First Aid Kit for Survival





First Aid Kit is a pack which has supplies and equipment used to give medical treatment if medical respondents can’t reach you or may not be available.


First Aid Kits are essential for survival and it is one of the things for survival that is easy to prepare and should be included in your survival kits. We all may be wondering what are the essential things that should be inside you First Aid Kit and can be used for most common injuries, well there are many lists out there which gives you the things you must have in your First Aid Kit but here we have chopped it all out to which are the most needed.


First Aid Kits


Here are the top 10 things to have in your First Aid Kit.


1. Comprehensive first-aid manual or information cards – if medical assistance can’t reach you right away you will need this manual as a reference or step-by-step instructions on doing first aids on common injuries and emergency situations, information cards are used to put family information such as name and any medical conditions.


2. Butterfly Bandages – this is bandages used to close up wounds which are small but deep, the wound may gape open butterfly bandage is very helpful it also makes the wound heal faster.


3. Gauze – treating minor cuts and keeping wounds clean and away from infection, this may vary in many sizes.


4. Medical Tape – to keep gauze and bandages in place, may it be cloth or plastic.


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5. Pain-relief Medicine – to relieve pain, inflammation and also for fever. This can be Over The Counter Pain relievers like Acetaminophen (Tylenol) or Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs including ibuprofen. Some pain reliever is in a form of cream, lotion or spray.


6. Tweezers – to take out splints or any other things that may embed in your skin.


7. Disinfectant / Antiseptic Wipes – used to disinfect wounds and materials.


8. Antihistamine – to treat allergies or stop allergy symptoms.


9. Gloves – to protect wounds and yourself from further contamination.


10. Antibiotic Ointment – to reduce the risk of infection.


First Aid Kits


These items are the core of every First Aid Kit. First Aid kits can be put inside almost any type of container, always remember when packing your First Aid Kit make sure all things you need are inside this will be very helpful for any emergencies that may happen. There are always many more things you can add to this list it’s is better to add than to strip out anything on your list, you may never know when you will need it. Having more than what you need will always be a good choice rather than realizing you have left out an important thing that you need.


Always remember what your family needs, especially if you or any of your family member has a special medical condition you will need to include everything they need for their medical needs. This First Aid Kit should be what you and your family will need to survive emergency situations, knowing the right supplies will help you be prepared in anytime of needs.


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