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Survival Blog – 7 Steps to protect your Home from Break-ins






According to FBI, there were more over than 2.2.millions break-ins on the United States and almost 74% of them are residential burglaries. Currently, homeowners are now having some sort of electronic security system to scare off burglars, but let’s all be honest not all burglars are scared of security systems like CCTV right? Burglars now use masks to hide their faces in case any of the homes they break-in has a CCTV, a smart move right?

protect your home from burglars


With a few simple easy to remember steps, you can now protect your home from future break-ins and discourage burglars from ever choosing your home as their next target and most can be done in a quick breeze.


Here are 7 simple ways to protect your home from a Break-in:



1. Stay at Home – Always remember that when a house has someone inside of it burglars don’t want to enter it making your home not a target for them, but in case of a vacation you can always look for someone to home-sit your house or ask your neighbor to look after your house while you are gone. If you are only going out for a minimal time you may turn the lights on or maybe also turn on something that can create sound mimicking that someone is inside your home.  


2. Never leave anything outside – Never leave things outside your house, scooters or bikes lying outside your home can be easily rolled out, put it inside your garage. When buying brand new appliances with a high price like a new flat screen TV do not throw the bow outside that everyone can see it, it tells thieves that you have something very pricey inside your home. When leaving for a vacation always ask a neighbor or any relative to collect mail or newspaper having a bulk of mails and newspaper outside your home let the burglars know that you are not home.


3. Secure everything before sleeping – Most of the break-ins occur at nighttime where there is less light and almost everyone asleep, it makes night time an easy time for burglars to break-in. Securing that doors are locked, windows are closed also locked and garage also locked, can be a very easy way to prevent burglars from breaking in your home.


4. Avoid flashy things – Burglars often target homes that have things that are expensive and easy to sell such as TV, Personal Computer, Laptop or any item that are expensive and easy to remove. Try to take a walk outside your house and see if those items are visible outside if yes, you can always use a curtain or a shade to hide it from the outside.


5. Know your neighbor – Getting to know people around you is easy, discuss with your neighbor to keep an eye on each other homes, Neighborhood Watch Program is a budget-friendly crime-prevention.


6. Plan ahead before a vacation – When you have planned for a long vacation also plan on securing your home, as stated also above ask neighbor or relatives to collect mail and newspapers for you or ask them to home-sit your house, always remember only let persons you have known very well to home sit your house.


7. Always Stay Vigilant – Although we are asking help from other to keep our home safe you also need to watch out for yourself always pay attention to what you are doing you might end up letting burglars just walk in easily inside your home remember safety first.

residential burglary


Always put a Police Hotline number in your contacts or put in sticky notes and stick it in memo boards or your ref so when something happens in your house or many other peoples houses you can easily call and ask for help.


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