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Wilderness Cooking in the Snow

Something you need to consider when you plan for a few days or more in the wilderness, is dealing with the added challenges a snow event can bring. You won’t necessarily need more tools than usual if you packed your survival backpack properly, but you will need to learn

Procrastination: A Recipe For Disaster(s)

Why aren’t you prepared for a major emergency? According to a recent survey of 3,000 people, the majority claim they just keep putting off getting prepared. These people have even taken First Aid courses, so we know they’re interested and even want to be ready. Procrastination is keeping us from

17 Tips for Successful Foil Dinners

There’s something fun about opening a piping-hot foil dinner! No matter what way you cook it—in your oven, on a grill, over hot coals, or buried in the ashes of a campfire—foil dinners are quick and delicious way to make your favorite meals.If you’re new to foil packet cooking,